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Did John Cena Just Diss Zack Snyder? Peacemaker Star Says James Gunn Won’t Make a “Vanilla Movie”, Will Experiment Unlike Previous Directors

Did John Cena Just Diss Zack Snyder? Peacemaker Star Says James Gunn Won't Make a "Vanilla Movie", Will Experiment Unlike Previous Directors

Professional wrestler and actor John Cena joined DCU back in 2021. His performance as Christopher Smith/Peacemaker was loved by fans all over the world. He has played the role in two DCU projects, The Suicide Squad, and the TV series, Peacemaker.

During his recent interview, John Cena talked about the future of DCU under the leadership of James Gunn. At one point, he said that Gunn won’t make a “vanilla movie,” fans have different interpretations of this statement, however, many believe that it was a subtle dig at Zack Snyder’s work for the franchise.

John Cena is excited to work with James Gunn

John Cena and James Gunn
John Cena and James Gunn

During his latest appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, actor John Cena was asked if fans can expect a second season of the show. The actor replied,

“I hope so. What I will say is I’m very excited about the new leadership at DC because I love James Gunn as a human being and Peter Safran as well. I have the utmost respect for them as professionals. I’ve never seen people so prepared and who take it so seriously and have so much passion for it and aren’t afraid to be themselves.”

James Gunn and Peter Safran were appointed as the Co-Chairman and Co-chief executive officers of the DC Studios in November 2022.

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John Cena says James Gunn won’t make a “vanilla movie

John Cena as Peacemaker
John Cena as Peacemaker

Further in the interview, the Peacemaker star just talked about what the fans can expect from James Gunn and his plans for the future of DCU. He said,

“What you will see from DC in the future is the heart of James Gunn. He is not going to leave anything on the table. He is not going to make a vanilla movie that says ‘Movie’ on the end of it and then serve it to you. He will take chances, he will be brash, he’ll do things his way, but you will get authentically his creative mind, which I think is brilliant.”

Many people on social media speculate that the “vanilla movie” part was a subtle dig at director Zack Synder, who has created some great movies in the past.

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John Cena has auditioned for other superhero roles in the past

John Cena as Peacemaker
John Cena as Peacemaker

Last year, during his first appearance on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast, John Cena told host Josh Horowitz about all the superhero roles he has auditioned for in the past. He said,

“I can’t tell you how many superhero roles I’ve been rejected for. Shazam is certainly one. I think like a child, so Shazam was super interesting to me…And when I read the script, a lot of times, like… this is the thing, I don’t chase ‘I want to do this,’ I always have to read it.”

It doesn’t end there as he has also auditioned for some roles in the Marvel universe,

“There was a brief try at the Deadpool universe, rejection. There were a few in the Marvel universe, rejected. But you know, I keep trying.”

Cena reportedly auditioned for the role of Cable but he didn’t get the part and it was passed on to Josh Brolin. Fortunately, he later got the role of Peacemaker.

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Source: Happy Sad Confused podcast

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