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Did Taika Waititi Ridicule Zack Snyder With His Controversial Thor: Love and Thunder Casting?

Taika Waititi Ridicule Zack Snyder With His Controversial Thor

Taika Waititi and his Thor: Love and Thunder turned out to be a disastrous project in the slate of MCU. The movie garnered bad word of mouth among the fans and turned out to be the worst-rated Thor movie as well as the second-worst MCU movie. Despite having a solid star cast, the movie is accused of wasting the majority of its talent. One of the actors that the fans expected more from was Russell Crowe and his Zeus.

Russel Crowe as Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022).
Russel Crowe as Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder

On top of everything, Russell Crowe’s Zeus faced an immediate comparison with the Zeus of MCU’s rival company DC and it can’t be denied that people preferred the latter version more. In DC, Zeus was shown by Zack Snyder in his Justice League, and as per the portrayal, it was completely opposite from what Marvel did.

How is Taika Waititi’s version of Zeus completely different?

Taika Waititi at the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder (2022).
Taika Waititi

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Taika Waititi’s Love and Thunder was extremely criticized for its unwarranted humor as well as for wasting potential characters. The movie had a brilliant actor like Christian Bale playing the iconic Gorr, the God Butcher which Marvel couldn’t utilize much. The same feeling, the fans have for Russell Crowe who was brought in to play Zeus but turned out to be only a mere piece of comedy in the screenplay.

After watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the fans already had a pre-saved notion that Zeus would be a cool and deadly warrior but what they got was totally contrary. In the DC version, bodybuilder Sergi Constance played the character who became a fan favorite despite having a significantly low screen time.

Sergi Constance as Zeus in DCEU’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League

While many fans defended that the MCU Zeus is far more accurate to the Greek God. Many of them also claimed that his age made him look like that and he is actually far more powerful if the comics are followed. The topic is still a matter of debate as it varies from person to person. It can’t be said concretely which version is better than the other.

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Did the MCU take a dig at Zack Snyder?

Zack Snyder FandomWire
Zack Snyder on the set of Justice League

Some fans also expressed their views that this move by Taika Waititi and the MCU might be hinting at the studio ridiculing Zack Snyder’s Zeus. But if various sources are believed then it might not be the case as both of them were accurate. While Snyder showed his badass side, Taika Waititi went for the Royal attitude. But, surely, the rivalry between the two fandoms will continue and the competition between the same Gods in different universes is not going to stop sooner.

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As per the end credits scene of Thor 4, Zeus survived the attack and is likely to return someday in the frames of the MCU although we don’t know when.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is streaming on HBO Max while Thor: Love and Thunder can be streamed on Disney+

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