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Did The Rock Call Kevin Hart a B**tard? $800M Rich Star Says Hart’s Trying to “Figure out who his real father is”

Did The Rock Call Kevin Hart a B**tard?

Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have been through thick and thin together. Living as best friends, the duo has been a comedic center of attention for fans all around the world and the actors of Hollywood.

As deep as their bromance goes, The Rock once did call Kevin Hart a b**tard and joked about the Jumanji actor not knowing who his real father is. During the promotion of DC’s League of Super-Pets, a game of “passing the phone” got a little too competitive between the two actors/friends as the insults started getting way too far with Johnson questioning Hart’s parentage.

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017).
Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017).

When Dwayne Johnson Called Kevin Hart A B**tard

Well, their friendship is so unbreakable that we don’t even need to prove that Dwayne Johnson called Kevin Hart a b**stard…but he really did. After their buddy-cop movies gained traction and fame, the duo started starring in movies more frequently.

The Rock and Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence
The Rock and Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence

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Starring in movies like Jumanji, Central Intelligence, and, DC’s League of Super-Pets, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s bonding has been adored by the people for being a perfect representation of best friends in real life. During the promotion of the 2022 movie DC’s League of Super-Pets, the promotion turned a bit more comedic when Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart just started hurling insults at each other.

Playing the game “Pass the Telephone”, The Rock started the conversation by stating that “I’m passing the phone to someone who lost his virginity when he was 22 years old.” Kevin Hart in turn replied, “I am passing the phone to somebody who flips their underwear inside out because they’re too lazy to wash them correctly.”

The banter continued for a while when The Rock finally snapped and just yelled, “I am passing the phone to someone who is still trying to figure out who his real father is.” The joke was also a dual-edged sword since Kevin Hart is often teased for being a shorter height between the duo and The Rock often compares Hart to a literal child.

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Does Kevin Hart Prefer Another Actor Over The Rock?

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in Ride Along
Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in Ride Along

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In a bromantic bond with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart has been mostly seen with the Black Adam actor. During an interview, however, Hart accidentally let it slip that The Rock isn’t his best buddy to hang out with and that there was another actor that he would prefer more.

“That is my guy, man. Me and Anthony had a lot of fun doing those scary movies. Yeah, we were used after they stole the franchise from the Wayans Brothers (laughs). Yeah, me and Anthony worked together a lot, man. I’m joking about that but there is a little bit of truth in there. So they needed two other black guys, they picked me and Anthony,”

The guy in question is Anthony Anderson who starred in several movies of the Scary Movie franchise. With Johnson and Hart set to expand their bond over various projects and films, people ecstatically await the return of a buddy-cop movie once again. As for the iconic movie that caused this banter, DC’s League of Super-Pets is available to stream on HBO Max.

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