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“Did they really cancel Batgirl for this?”: WB Chief David Zaslav Gets Trolled As Black Adam Heads Towards Failure After Don’t Worry Darling Failed To Revive Studio Hopes


It is a commonly known fact that people have been cautious of David Zaslav ever since his cancelation plans for several movies and series. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had been working hard for the role of Black Adam for the past 15 years! The WWE wrestler had given Black Adam everything he had held dear in his life to get the perfect film according to him.

Following the negative impact of Black Adam as per early reports of the movie, Chief David Zaslav was called out for canceling Batgirl, also after the Don’t Worry Darling failure.

David Zaslav is the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery.
David Zaslav is the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery.

David Zaslav Canceled Batgirl For Black Adam?

If the title is to be read out of context, it doesn’t make much sense. Early reports of Black Adam by the critics have been nothing short of a disaster as this big-budget movie with Dwayne Johnson as the lead managed to gain a score of just 55% on the Tomatometer by Rotten Tomatoes.

David Zaslav canceled Batgirl.
David Zaslav canceled Batgirl.

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A Twitter user tweeted out the details of the movie and compared it to the recent box-office failure Don’t Worry Darling which starred Florence Pugh and Harry Styles as the lead characters. Following the failure of these movies, the new CEO and president of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav, was called out for his decisions including canceling the Batgirl project.

The fans weren’t so kind as the names of Ezra Miller along with the integrity of the DC and Warner Bros. Discovery were also called into question.

Although some people commented that the Rotten Tomatoes site is not to be trusted as chances of review-bombing are high, Black Adam failed to secure what the people and Dwayne Johnson had hoped for.

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 What Went Wrong With David Zaslav’s Black Adam?

Dwayne Johnson starrer Black Adam (2022).
Dwayne Johnson starrer Black Adam (2022).

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Although only the initial reviews have been out, the reception that the film has received stands right in the middle of the ground. With an equal number of good reviews and an almost equal number of bad reviews, the film performed an average number. So what exactly did happen to Black Adam which was under the kingship of David Zaslav? Well, for starters, the film was…underwhelming.

Many critics pointed out that the movie featured cliched origin stories and a simple plot to follow along with. With Dwayne Johnson claiming and marketing that he would be ushering in a new era of DC, the film seems completely underwhelming like an average DC movie. Although Dwayne Johnson is praised for his iconic performance, the critics felt underwhelmed by the movie compared to the campaigning and the marketing that the actor had done.

Black Adam is all set to release on 21st October in theaters across the US.

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