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“Did they watch the same movie?”: Jamie Lee Curtis’ Oscar Win Sparks Debate as Fans Claim EEAAO Co-star Stephanie HSU Deserved It More 

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The 95th Academy Awards took place on 12th March 2023, and in keeping with the tradition this year also had some questionable wins. One of the wins that sparked controversy among fans was the win of Jamie Lee Curtis for the Best Supporting Actress in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

2023 Oscars
Oscars 2023

The veteran actor’s role as tax inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdre was apparently better than Stephanie Hsu, the co-star of the actress who played the roles of Joy and Jobu Tupaki in the movie. The fans were surprised because Stephanie Hsu as Jobu Tupaki was fantastic, and if her performance was not good enough, the other nominees were Angela Bassett, Kerry Condon, and Hong Chau. The fans were furious and they went on to Twitter claiming The Joy Ride actress deserved it more.

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The reaction of the Fans to Jamie Lee Curtis’ Oscar Win

Jamie Lee Curtis won the award for Best Supporting at the 95th Academy Awards, and she went onto the stage to collect it and gave a short note of gratitude for her win and stated that her win was for her fans who have always supported her, and the cast members with whom she worked in the film.

“All of the people who have supported the genre movies I have made all these years, the hundreds and thousands of people: we just won an Oscar! Together!”

Jamie Lee Curtis wins the Best Supporting Actress
Jamie Lee Curtis wins the Best Supporting Actress

The viewers were furious because the Freaky Friday actress’ performance was not good enough, and the performance of other nominees was significantly better than hers. The fans took to Twitter to mention how Stephanie Hsu and Angela Bassett were robbed of their deserving Oscars for their roles in their movies.

A viewer tweeted how the win of Jamie Lee Curtis was a joke, and her performance was nothing compared to Angela Bassettor Stephanie Hsu.

Another user stated how the award organization is notorious for humiliating superhero movies. But most of all fans were disappointed because her role as Queen Ramonda was marvelous.

Another user tweeted that the viewers watched Stephanie Hsu in the same movie, and in spite of choosing her, they chose Curtis.

An MCU fan shared a clip of Angela Bassett’s performance as Queen Ramonda from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever claiming the actress was “absolutely robbed.”

Another user claimed that the award is for showing respect to an actor’s career rather than their performance for the movie.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ career is nearly four decades long and in her career, she has played numerous roles in renowned movies such as Halloween, Trading Places, Blue Steel, and many more. The renowned actress played only 17 minutes in the movie, and that was enough for the actress to gain immense recognition from her fans. 

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Angela Bassett Was Heartbroken After her Loss at the 95th Academy Awards

When Jamie Lee Curtis won the award for Best Supporting Actress, the camera panned on to the other nominees for the award. Jamie Lee Curtis was surprised to hear her name but soon she expressed her excitement, while the other nominees applauded the actress, one nominee was not happy. The Black Panther 2 actress looked silent and almost frozen, and she had a look of disappointment on her face.

Angela Bassett Oscars
Angela Bassett at the Oscars

Her expression was understandable because many people expected her to be a clear winner, and many people thought that she would win the award and give a superhero movie its first Oscar. And this was the second time when the actress had faced this disappointment at the Oscars, the first time being in 1994 when she was nominated as Best Actress.

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