Did Thor: Love and Thunder Just Introduce Captain Universe?

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In the Marvel comics, an entity known as Captain Universe resides alongside all beings as a powerful sentient cosmological energy field. It is a “Uni-Power” more than an actual living being or person and happens to be a manifestation of the universe itself that seeks out people in need of help from great evils.

Gorr and Eternity
The resurrection of Gorr’s daughter, Love, has a potentially huge implication for MCU’s future

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In Thor: Love and Thunder, we find Gorr reaching the center of the Universe and unlocking the gates of Eternity to finally find what he seeks — the end of all gods. However, Thor with help from Jane convinces him instead to choose love over death and bring his daughter back from the dead. The resurrection of Gorr’s daughter brings forth a lot of questions and answers a few.


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Captain Universe and the Fate of MCU’s Future

The guardian of Eternity, Captain Universe, seeks not power but the protection of all beings — living or otherwise. It is the sole being imbued with power greater than even the gods themselves. However, like any other creature, Captain Universe is not biased toward love, greed, or dominion. It only seeks to protect the occupants of the universe from evil and destruction.

However, being a sentient energy field, it does not have a form or a corporal body. It resides in the body of whosoever is in imperative need and once the evil has been defeated, goes back to its own state of intangible existence.

Captain Universe
Captain Universe

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With the resurrection of Gorr’s daughter, the probability of Captain Universe now residing in her and being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is on a record high and if that truly is the case, then three important questions come to mind. Why has the all-powerful entity been introduced after all this time? What if Thor 4 has also resurrected another being from the comics to the MCU, namely Null the Living Darkness? And if it did, what does that entail for the future of the universe?

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The Role of Captain Universe in Upcoming Marvel Films

An entity as powerful and beset with purpose as Uni-Power does not incarnate itself into a living creature without an end in sight. The veritable issue of Captain Universe’s transference of power is to protect the universe from a peril too great to not require its assistance. That is where Null figures in. If the symbiote-like creature truly is headed toward destruction and chaos like none other before him, then Captain Universe is the only power able enough to stop him.

Captain Universe
Captain Universe in the comics

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After Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Hawkeye, and Ms. Marvel, MCU already has the rudimentary ingredients for the foundation of Young Avengers. With India Rose Hemsworth joining the cast as Captain Universe (probably!), the indication of the battle that is to come will be something that puts even Thanos to shame.


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