Did Tite Kubo Always Want to Give Ichigo his Quincy Roots? Bleach Author Might have Revealed One of the Biggest Twists Much Earlier than Possible

Did Tite Kubo Always Want to Give Ichigo his Quincy Roots? Bleach Author Might have Revealed One of the Biggest Twists Much Earlier than Possible
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Bleach is the source of inspiration for several stories, such as JJK, My Hero Academia, and other popular Shonen series. The story written by Tite Kubo has been one of the best-selling stories of all time. One underrated aspect of the series is foreshadowing. Tite Kubo left subtle hints about Ichigo’s Quincy roots from the very beginning, which the majority of the fans failed to notice.

Ichigo's Zanpakuto
Ichigo’s Zanpakuto

Tite Kubo is a master of the craft and left many hits throughout the story for fans to notice. However, most of it went ignored, but when you pay close attention to the details, it is evident that Ichigo’s Quincy powers were destined to be revealed in the series.

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Tite Kubo foreshadowed the Quincies in the early parts of Bleach

Foreshadowing is done by authors every time to give fans a little scoop of what is about to come. Regarding foreshadowing, famous names include Hajime Isiyama and Eichiro Oda. However, Tite Kubo is highly underrated in his foreshadowing abilities, and viewers often ignore his hints at first glance.

It can be seen in the first episode when Ichigo, who was not revealed to have much power, managed to break out of the lock Rukia placed on him.

Sternritter organization
Sternritter organization

The Bakudo enchanted by Rukia was not weak, but Ichigo, who was not revealed to have much power, broke out of it swiftly.


However, the foreshadowing could have been better; for example, we only had insights into Ichigo’s mother after a very long time, which can be why fans could not deduce Ichigo’s Quincy roots early on in the series.

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Tite Kubo’s surreal foreshadowing abilities are showcased throughout Bleach

It was not the only hint given to the viewers by Tite Kubo. Ichigo is always in action and fighting, but on rare occasions, we see him relaxing on his bed. What might look like a typical moment for the viewers when they see Ichigo relaxing in his bed was one of the moments where Kubo dropped the biggest reveal of his Quincy roots.


When paying close attention, you can see that his bed has a light Quincy cross stretched across it, which was shown very early on. Indicating that Kubo had planned Ichigo’s background too early but took his time to show the fans where his powers came from.

Ichigo from Bleach
Kurosaki Ichigo, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Moments like this are very subtle and often go under the radar while watching the series for the first time. Another hint can be seen when Aizen is conversing with Ichigo, and he says that Ichigo is fascinating as his father is a Shinigami and his mother is, and suddenly, the voice is cut.

Hints like this are available throughout the stories, and fans can see if they pay more attention than usual.


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