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Did You Know Darkseid Has Five Children That Are Just As Powerful As Him?

Darkseid is the God of Evil in the DC Universe. He is the King of Apokolips, an empire that has conquered and pillaged countless worlds all in the quest for quenching Darkseid’s thirst for ruling the cosmos and his search for the Anti-Life Equation. Darkseid has fought the Justice League numerous times in the comic books. He will appear again in the Snyder Cut that is about to be released in HBO Max. The New Gods movie that is in the works under the DCEU banner is also going to feature Darkseid in all his glory. The God of Evil is a force to be reckoned with in the DCEU. But did you know he is not the only threat that the good guys need to be wary of. Say hello to the children of Darkseid – the Hellish Spawns of the God of Evil.

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Darkseid made his first ever appearance in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #34. He has made a long and hard journey since then. Beating the Justice League and being beaten up by the same team to in inch of his life, Darkseid is truly a villain who is persistent enough to pick a fight with Godlike warriors and live to tell the tale. You might be wondering – with almost his entire life dedicated to finding the Anti-Life Equation and hatching up countless plans to destroy the only thorn in his way – the Justice League, Darkseid must have no energy or patience for procreation.

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You could not be more wrong in that assumption. Darkseid has well…been around. The God of Evil does not have just one child. He has five. And all of them are powerhouses by themselves.


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Kalibak had a pretty rough childhood. Once a tender boy, Kalibak was shown the harsh reality of his life when he was just a kid. He is the son of Darkseid and Suli. Suli was later killed by Desaad and it gravely affected Kalibak’s mind-set. When he tried to confide in his father, Darkseid found him weak and abandoned him. Kalibak realized that the only way to not let life hit you hard were by making yourself invincible. Kalibak trained himself into becoming a deadly warrior. All his life, Kalibak has longed for just one thing – seek the approval and acknowledgement of his father. That is just sad.


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Darkseid on the other hand has never actually paid any real attention to Kalibak. Kalibak has been a very formidable foe to the Justice League. He has fought Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and the Green Lantern on multiple occasions. His consecutive failures to defeat the Justice League forced Darkseid to kill him. Kalibak died many times but was resurrected by his father to command Apokolips’ army. So deep down, Darkseid kind of appreciates his son. Kalibak’s skull is just thick enough to not realize it.


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Grayven is the Son of Darkseid and an unknown woman the God of Evil met in his many journeys into the unknown regions of the cosmos. Grayven was abandoned by Darkseid and all his life, he was termed a bastard. When Grayven was not given recognition and a seat at the high table besides Darkseid, a right by virtue of his blood, the guy swore vengeance. Grayven used his amazing New God powers to his full advantage, attacking and utterly defeating the Dark Stars. He encountered Kyle Rayner (who at the time was the last Green Lantern of the Universe), and was ultimately defeated by him.

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Grayven has taken part in many cosmic level events in the DC Universe. He played a part during the Imperiex Wars. During the Last Laugh, he was seen among the many victims infected with the Joker Toxin. DC ultimately killed him off after the Death of the New Gods story arc.

Death Spawn

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Death Spawn is the son of a Fury of the Greek Pantheon and Darkseid. He is a resident of the Earth 2 reality. During Earth 2: World’s End #17, Death Spawn would attack the Earth and conquer it in the name of Darkseid. Death Spawn’s target was the Parliament of Earth. After killing the Spirit of the Blue, he headed straight for the Earth’s core with the intention of destroying it and letting Darkseid take over the planet.

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He destroyed entire cities and turned Earth’s crust into a pool of molten metal slag. Alan Scott tried to stop Death Spawn but almost failed in his endeavor. Death Spawn was later helped by Darkseid, who came to see his son’s plan through. Earth 2 was eventually left devastated after the father-son duo led a trail of chaos and destruction.


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Orion is the son of Bekka and Darkseid. He was given to New Genesis as part of an agreement for a truce between the two warring New Gods Factions. Scott Free was given to Darkseid while Orion went to High Father. Orion was trained since childhood on how to control his unfathomable rage and become a force for good. Orion earned the moniker of “The Dog of War” because of his legendary adventures.

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Orion was a loyal soldier to High Father and an ally of New Genesis. He was sent to Earth to stop Darkseid from taking over the planet. Orion eventually joined the Justice League and fought Darkseid on several occasions. It was his death that started the universe altering event which was the acclaimed Final Crisis event.

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Grail has incredible parentage. She is the daughter of Darkseid and a powerful Amazonian Warrior named Myrina. When Myrina was pregnant, she fled Themyscira because she feared her sisters would retaliate and kill her unborn child. Grail was born and bred in combat. She sided with the Anti-Monitor during the Darkseid War, eventually absorbing the Anti-Life Equation to become the Goddess of Anti-Life.

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Grail would resurrect her father as an infant and attack the Greek Pantheon in the hopes of the infant Darkseid gaining enough energy to be restored to his full power. Grail intended to make Darkseid her pawn to use his power for her own bidding. Darkseid escaped and Grail then attacked Themyscira, taking over the island. It was Wonder Woman who later fought and drove Grail out of the island. Grail is currently in hiding with the last of her army, waiting for the perfect moment to strike back at the Justice League.

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