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Did Zack Snyder Fans Really Rig The Oscars?

Did Zack Snyder Fans Really Rig The Oscars

While the studios never gave him the recognition he deserves, the fans of Zack Snyder breathed a sigh of relief at the 94th Academy Awards. Zack Snyder movies – Army of the Dead and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, were able to bag the Oscars Fan Poll awards category. The two movies bagged Oscars Fan Favorite and Best Oscars Cheer Moment. But a new rumor has been doing the rounds stating that Zack Snyder fans were responsible for rigging the Oscars and forcing the Academy to give Zack Snyder the awards.

Zack Snyder - Oscar Fan Polls Winner
Zack Snyder – Oscar Fan Polls Winner

Are the rumors true? Did Snyder stans really stoop so low? Here’s why the rumors of Zack Snyder fans rigging the Oscars is just that, a rumor.

What Are The Oscar Fan Polls

Zack Snyder's Justice League
Zack Snyder’s Justice League

2022 was a special year for the oscars for various reasons. Apart from the pathetic Oscars after party hosting by Amy Schumer and Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage, we also got to have the Oscar fan polls. For years, the Academy had the monopoly to choose which movie gets to have a nomination and which movie gets to win the Oscar for different categories. But for the first time in Hollywood history, fans could take to twitter and vote for their own favorite movies in the Oscars.


The Oscars Cheers Moment was for the best movie moment of the last year. The Flash entering the Speed Force became the Oscars Fan Favorite moment. Army of the Dead was hailed as the Best Oscars Fan Favorite Movie, beating major blockbusters of the past year for the coveted title.

Were The Oscars Rigged? Did Snyder Fans Do It?

Oscars 2022
Oscars 2022

According to The Wrap, the weeks ahead of March 27 were quite tumultuous. Two separate reports from social media analytics form Tweetbinder, has claimed that it has become increasingly obvious the Oscar Fan Polls were somehow rigged. And Tweetbinder’s hashtag analytics team states that most of the traffic that hit the Oscar Fan Polls was from automated online bot accounts that had a similar algorithm and pattern of performance.

Zack Snyder Leaves Fans Rooting For SnyderVerse After He Posted THIS
Zack Snyder’s Snyderverse

It is actually quite possible for fans to make automated digital bots that prance around social media and manipulate online polls. It is not the first time this has happened and neither will it be the last. Tweetbinder speculates that their research suggests most of the Oscar Fan Polls were attended to by automated web programs. These web programs can be coded to cast hundreds of thousands of fake votes. Maybe that is how Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Army of the Dead bagged those Oscar fan poll titles.

All Clues Hint To Oscars 2022 Fans Polls Being Rigged

 Were The Oscars Rigged
 Were The Oscars Rigged

The fan poll traffic was hovering around 375-875 units and had a sudden spike of 25,000. That sudden increase in fan votes suggests there may be some form of malpractice. University of Maryland Professor – David Kirsch states that the Snyder fans accounts that cast the votes “certainly do not look like they were generated by a human user.”

What Does The Academy Say?

Oscars Fan Polls 2022
Oscars Fan Polls 2022

As of now, the Academy is standing firm by the poll results. They had some firm rules in place to ensure a situation like these never arose. No account which was created less than 24 hours ago was allowed to cast a vote. And the amount of votes per Twitter handle were limited to just 20. The Academy had its own link in its official website where fans went to cast a separate vote. And that is how they claim Army of the Dead was declared the winner.

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock for joking about his wife's attire at the Oscars.
Will Smith slapping Chris Rock for not keeping his name out of mouth at the Oscars

This will certainly harm the Academy’s credibility after so many over the top controversial moments in the past few years. Celebs attacking other celebs on stage and hosts announcing the wrong name at the Oscars is one thing. But when the Academy’s and the Oscars’ integrity is compromised beyond repair, can they ever manage to recover from this fiasco?

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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