“Dillon spending his life stalking my Fiancée”: Logan Paul Had Enough of Dillon Danis Insulting Nina Agdal

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Logan Paul Had Enough of Dillon Danis Insulting Nina Agdal

Renowned YouTuber-turned-professional wrestler Logan Paul is gearing up for a comeback to the boxing ring. He is set to face Dillon Danis in a prominent matchup on the KSI vs. Tommy Fury card in October this year, which will be held at the Manchester Arena. In anticipation of their eagerly anticipated bout, Logan and Danis have engaged in a fiery exchange of verbal jabs. The feud ignited when Logan shared a photo of himself, posting an image from his training session.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

In response to the post, Dillon Danis made some surprising claims about Logan Paul. He implied that Logan might have declined Olympic-style drug testing due to suspicions of using performance-enhancing substances, given his muscular physique. Danis has also taken jabs at Paul’s fiance Nina Agdal.

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Logan Paul Is Done With Dillon Danis’s Social Media Antics

Dillon Danis has consistently aimed jabs at Logan Paul and his fiancée Nina Agdal regarding their previous relationships. Dillon has even shared videos featuring Agdal. However, Logan Paul has now responded. Paul wasn’t paying head to Danis’ social media posts until now. 

Fandomwire Video

Amidst the rising tension between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, Paul opted to share a video showcasing an awkward moment where Danis struggled with stuttering during a face-off. In the clip, Danis can be seen battling to maintain composure as he stutters repeatedly.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Paul proceeded to publicly embarrass Dillon Danis, quipping, “Get this man a glass of water.” However, Danis contends that the video has been manipulated and suggests that fans will need to wait for the full video’s release to ascertain what truly transpired.

Both fighters are primed for their showdown on October 14th at the Manchester Arena in England. Coinciding with their bout, YouTuber KSI will also face Tommy Fury on the same day. The excitement surrounding these matches is palpable, with the fighters continually exchanging verbal blows on social media, capturing the attention of the public.

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Logan Paul Failed To Pay $1.8 Million To His Fans

In 2021, Logan Paul introduced CryptoZoo, an NFT (nonfungible token) project, and endorsed it. This project featured a play-to-earn game where players could obtain a cryptocurrency unique to the game. However, it garnered substantial online criticism for various reasons, including the use of seemingly stock images for the in-game animals. The situation escalated when the YouTuber Coffeezilla took to the internet, publicly labeling the entire venture as a scam orchestrated by Paul.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

As a consequence, the boxer addressed these concerns in a video, vowing to provide a full refund to his fans, totaling $1.8 million. Curiously, despite six months passing since he made these commitments, the celebrity has not fulfilled them. Furthermore, he has remained silent about this entire situation since releasing the video.

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