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‘Dilutes the meaning of the Order if you give it to any low-brow actor’: Fans Blast Royal Family for Awarding James Bond Actor Daniel Craig With Order of St Michael and St George

Daniel Craig

If there’s anything that Daniel Craig has done ever since being appointed as the new James Bond back in 2005, it’s proving the haters wrong. Craig was not the archetype Bond due to his appearance as you can see- not 6 feet tall, had blonde hair, as compared to the previous bond Pierce Brosnan.

But regardless of all the criticism, he has proven himself to be one of the best actors to have graced the theaters under the name of James Bond. These efforts have surely been taken note of by many, and most recently the United Kingdom’s Royal Family, who awarded the 54-year-old actor with the Order of St. Michael and St. George medal this week.

Daniel Craig FandomWire
Daniel Craig as James Bond

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Daniel Craig Medalled By Royal Family, Fans Make Fun Of Them

Following up on what we said earlier, Daniel Craig could possibly be one of the best Bond actors we have ever seen. The accolades received by the Layer Cake actor for his work as the British agent such as the BAFTA award nomination for Best Actor (among many others) as well as the critical appraisal of his portrayal of 007 speaks volumes.

Daniel Craig FandomWire
Daniel Craig as James Bond

This eventually got the Casino Royale star his honor from the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, as he received the Order of St. Michael and St. George medals. This makes Craig have one striking similarity with his Bond character- they both have the same medals!

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The Our Friends in the North star received the award during an investiture ceremony that took place at Windsor Castle for his contribution to film and theater. It was a part of the late Queen Elizabeth’s New Year’s honors list that happens annually.

Fans of the Bond franchise, or people in general, however, were not charmed at all by Craig’s recent achievement. Instead, they’d mock both the actor and The Royal Family for the award ceremony-

That’s a bold statement, he’s Daniel Cragi! –

That’s gotta hurt-

He’s just doing his job as well-

This user instead wants the acknowledgment of another celebrity –

A statement has been made-

We’re not sure as to why fans are blasting the Royal Family and Daniel Craig over this, but we’re pretty sure that the actor has been of utmost importance to at least British cinema as he was the face of one of its biggest franchises for more than a decade.

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Knives Out Director Confirms That Daniel Craig’s Character Is Queer

Much like his performances in the Bond movies, Daniel Craig did an excellent job of portraying a detective in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out.

As the sequel to the movie named Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery nears its release with just over a month left, Johnson gives us an exciting update on the sexual orientation of his upcoming movie’s central character.

Daniel Craig FandomWire
Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc

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Speaking during a press conference at the London Film Festival, the 48-year-old director gave us an interesting fact to digest- Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig, is queer. Johnson was asked during the press conference about a possible male lover that was seen in a scene, to which he replies-

 “Yes, he obviously is.”

This is surely set to make things much more interesting in the upcoming sequel to Knives Out, will Detective Blanc’s sexuality play a role in the story? We’ll have to watch to see.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is gearing up for a theatrical release on November 23 this year, and drops on Netflix exactly a month later on December 23.

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