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Dior Stuck With Johnny Depp Till the Very End Despite Fans Blasting Them When Amber Heard Was Winning – is Now Reportedly “Leader in Perfume Sales”

Dior Stuck With Johnny Depp Till the Very End Despite Fans Blasting Them When Amber Heard Was Wnning - is Now Reportedly "Leader in Perfume Sales"

Johnny Depp’s defamation case against Amber Heard impacted a major chunk of his career due to allegations of him physically abusing the actress. Brands cut ties with him and Depp lost massive movie deals the moment the news started flying around. The one brand that refused to back away and was adamant about keeping the actor was none other than Dior.

Johnny Depp.
Johnny Depp

The brand’s faith in the actor regardless of the allegations had undoubtedly brought some backlash for Dior. However, they refused to let go of the actor and wanted to stick around until the trials, sticking by his side and supporting him throughout the difficult times for him. Now, Dior stands on top of all other perfume brands.

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Dior Sees Massive Success Despite Sticking By Johnny Depp

Although Dior endured a lot of hate and criticism for its decision of sticking by Johnny Depp despite all the allegations, it was expected for sales and the brand itself to drop gradually. However, the opposite has taken place. Dior Sauvage has given the credit to Depp and his reputation. His image despite everything has contributed to the success of the perfume branding and made it one of the biggest.

Dior supporting Johnny Depp
Dior supporting Johnny Depp

The actor has been with Dior’s perfume brand since 2015 when it first launched and has been acting as its brand ambassador. This has purely benefited the company instead of the other way around. Dior was even confident enough to extend their contract with the actor. The company was sure that no matter what, they will continue keeping the actor as their face. While other companies and brands chose to part ways with the actor either after the trial in the U.K. or even before that, Dior Sauvage stuck by Depp’s side and only saw increasing success from their decision.

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Brands Sought To Stay Away From Johnny Depp After The Abuse Allegations

Disney chose to let go of the actor the moment Amber Heard’s op-ed about Johnny Depp physically abusing her came to light. They decided to continue the Pirates of the Caribbean without the actor even before any conclusion had been announced.

How much did dior pay Johnny Depp
Depp has endorsed Dior’s products for many years

Warner Bros. Discovery too replaced Depp with Madds Mickelson as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film. This step was taken right after the actor lost the case against Heard in U.K. Dior, however, decided against taking any big step and keeping Johnny Depp as their face. Looks like they made the right decision.

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