Director Chad Stahelski Defends John Wick 4 Having The ‘Longest runtime’: “We have a little bit of world-building”

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Soon after the release of John Wick: Chapter 3, the Lionsgate studio announced the next movie in the franchise. With the trailer of John Wick: Chapter 4 finally out, fans got the first look at what the film could be. Director of the upcoming film, Chad Stahelski talked about Chapter 4 in his interview with Collider. While talking about the fourth film, the director also discussed the future of the franchise and what is one thing that makes it different from the previous films under the franchise.

John Wick: Chapter 4
John Wick: Chapter 4

The stuntman-turned-filmmaker also talks about some new characters joining the film and its plot. The action-packed trailer ranges from katana duels to car chases, establishing it as the biggest film in the franchise. The director also discusses the reason why it could be the longest-running film of the franchise yet.

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Chad Stahelski Says John Wick’s Runtime is Still Not Entirely Determined

While talking to Collier about the upcoming sequel of the action thriller film, Chad Stahelski discussed the runtime of the film. He did imply that it would be the longest film in the franchise but did not provide an exact runtime for the film.

“It has the longest runtime of all the movies. Hopefully, it won’t feel like the longest of all the movies,” Stahelski said. The American filmmaker also shared that he knows a certain kind of pacing is required for action movies.”Luckily, we have a little bit of margin because we have a little bit of world-building with the action in John Wick,” he said.

Chad Stahelski
Chad Stahelski

Chad Stahelski also mentioned that he has watched the film close to 100 times and he does not get bored with how long it is. The filmmaker claimed at no point he felt like, “Just end this thing already. I can’t watch it again.” 


He also says that he watched it almost every week with Keanu Reeves and a little group. “Let’s just watch it one more time to make sure we’re not talking ourselves into something,” the John Wick director says.

The stuntman-turned-filmmaker said that they have always expected it to be more and this is the reason they wrote a third more scenes than the previous film. He mentioned that the film is still under post-production and the runtime is not entirely determined.

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What Could be the Runtime For John Wick 4?

Chad Stahelski shared that the run time of John Wick 4 is still not determined. He said that he cannot share what it could be as he had not shared the information with the studio yet. Stahelski also pointed out that if people have good endurance they will certainly enjoy it.

He shared his experience of watching the film saying, “But I don’t look at my watch in this. So I feel pretty good where it’s at.” When he was asked if it is close to 2 and a half hours or so, he said it would be in that zone.

John Wick 4
John Wick: Chapter 4

The filmmaker shared that the whole runtime is determined from the first logo to the end credits, and he has no idea how that would increase its runtime. “I know what it runs at. I don’t know the full runtime because I don’t know the credit scroll and all the other stuff that’s going in,” Stahelski shared.


However, he did say that John Wick 4 will be over the 2-hour mark. The director also shared that they are working on the final title for the film, which could sit well with its theme.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is set to release on 24th March 2023.

Source: Collider

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