Director Chad Stahelski Talks John Wick 4 Plans

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The beloved John Wick franchise is expecting a new movie that was announced earlier this year. While talking about the latest movie, director Chad Stahelski announced a delay in the release date due to the current global pandemic.


What is the update?

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For the director, it is going to be really hard to top off the last movie in the franchise, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. He has expressed his anxiety during a latest interview with Collider, he said he doesn’t know how he’ll top of the stunts that they performed in the last movie. He has also announced that he will be working with the acclaimed Keanu Reeves. Although, unfortunately, this could be the last movie in the franchise. Earlier this movie was set to release with Matrix 4 but the shooting came to a halt due to Coronavirus.

Where did the idea stem from?

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Chad Stahelski and Reeves had an idea about a fourth movie while they were on a publicity tour. Reeves said he had it in him to do another movie. They are using an idea they had with the third movie that they didn’t use which they would like to implement in this one.


What’s the history of the franchise?

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The franchise has had a lot of ideas and has seen a lot of shifts in their fame. Although, nothing has been as great as the movies in the franchise. They have helped the franchise gain its momentum. So, let’s hope for the best for the franchise in the future.

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