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Director Mohamed Diab Hints Moon Knight Will Make Movie Debut After Season 1 Success

Moon Knight season 1 came to an end with a thrilling finale. Many have called it by far the best Marvel series. The way the finale managed to tie all the loose ends in the series, was excellent. Also, the way the show managed to balance the action and internal struggles of every character was also praiseworthy. And the acting by the cast, especially Oscar Isaac playing Marc Spector and Steven Grant simultaneously, was just great.

But the series ended with a cliffhanger post-credit. The scene has shown the third personality of Marc, Jake Lockley still serving Khonshu after he and Steven Grant asks the god to free them. And the fans are wondering about the future of the titular hero.

Moon Knight director hints at a movie debut after the series

Mohamed Diab talks about Moon Knight's future in the MCU
Mohamed Diab talks about Moon Knight’s future in the MCU

After the huge success of the first season, director Mohamed Diab hints at a movie debut of his superhero. In a conversation with Variety, the director of the series talked in detail about the series and the future of the vigilante hero. Here is his answer to the question about the future in the interview:

Moon Knight director hints at a movie debut after the series
Moon Knight director hints at a movie debut after the series

“If you ask me, I would tell you that “Moon Knight” is here to stay. He’s an interesting character. If you are Marvel, I think the smart business decision is to keep him. The only thing is, that Marvel is not traditional. If you succeed, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna get a Season 2. By the way, I’m kept in the dark. I have no clue. I’m just thinking like a businessman right now. But I think they’re going to stay. Maybe it’s going to be a film. Maybe it’s going to be a journey like what happened with “WandaVision.” I wish one day, if there is an expansion, I would be a part of it. We ended in a way that feels like a beginning. You see Mark and Steven becoming a new dynamic, the two of them in one body. We see Jake. You see the Scarlet Scarab, who could be a superhero or not. Very interesting stuff.”

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Moon Knight season 1 sets up perfectly for the hero’s future

Post-credit scene confirm a future for Moon Knight in MCU
Post-credit scene confirms a future for Moon Knight in MCU

The Moon Knight season 1 did answer the questions that were in the heads of the viewers. But it also gave us a few questions that are still needed to be answered. Judging by the statement of the director, there is no definitive answer. But there definitely is a future for the hero in the MCU. With Jake Lockley introduced in the post-credits, we might get to see his story in the upcoming movie or series. Also, there is Scarlet Scarab and her future in the MCU.

Moon Knight season 1 is available on Disney+

Source: Variety


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