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10 Most Disappointing Movie Endings Of All Time

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to keep up with the same thrill and quality throughout the movie timeline. As they say, it’s better to be underestimated than overestimated. Some directors had us on our toes long before the film had even released. The mind-boggling suspense and mystery were excellently devised in the plot, thus building our curiosity, only to crash it later with a lame ending. These films dropped their own quality by rushing to the end or by giving senseless explanations for the story. No matter on what note a cinema begins, it is majorly judged by the way it is concluded. So, find out the 10 most disappointing movie endings of all time. If you haven’t seen these films, then here’s a SPOILER ALERT!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

There aren’t enough words to describe the fans’ disappointment with the ending of “Breaking Dawn Part 2”. In fact, none of us is that proud or happy to admit how crazy we used to be about this franchise. But all the ridiculousness of the Twilight Saga was forgiven until the release of the last part. Breaking Dawn was divided into two parts so as to build tension and suspense for the final battle against the Volturi. In fact, the much-awaited battle did take place and left us on the edge of our seats. We were almost holding our breath in tension when the ending suddenly revealed that the whole battle was nothing but Alex’ vision.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Finding logic and practicality in movies, especially sci-fi and fantasy is not our style. But then someone has got to set boundaries beyond which an imagination turns into absurdity. After processing through the scene where our hero Indiana Jones survives a blast by locking himself inside a fridge, we were forced to watch a lamer ending. As Indiana was about to return the Crystal Skull to a skeleton, an alien emerged out of nowhere, claiming how the ancient civilization deemed their species Gods.

Saw 3D

Unlike the original “Saw” whose ending threw us for a spin, this one had a ridiculous way of concluding things. It turns out that Dr Lawrence Gordon, the victim from the first film who cut off his foot, had survived and joined Jigsaw as a partner in setting up the game. After Detective Hoffman killed Jill, he was abducted by Gordon and dragged to the Jigsaw room, only to stay locked in forever without any route for escape.

I Am Legend

“I Am Legend” had a captivating beginning by depicting the struggles of a scientist who was the last survivor in New York after the entire mankind fell prey to a plague. The story focuses on his endless attempts in running tests on the infected humans. By the end when Will Smith finally finds the cure, his home is attacked by an army of vampires (the virus had turned humans into vampires, not zombies). This is where the film betrays its source material as Smith’s character dies holding the fort while a mother takes the cure with her child and saves humanity.

War of the Worlds

We naturally expected better from Steven Spielberg but everyone knew what he was falling for by faithfully adapting the book. This alien-invasion film starring Tom Cruise features the same kind of aliens from “Signs” who were intolerant of water. Similarly, the galactic species in “War of the Worlds” could be easily defeated by germs. So, a supposedly more advanced species of creatures landed on a planet without any research.  To add on, the film had a cliché ending with Cruise’ son, who was presumed dead, returning from the war zone without a scratch on him.

Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker

The highly enthusiastic fans of the iconic franchise went to the theatres with high hopes. But stuffing too many unnecessary plot twists not only disappointed the viewers but also left them quite confused. This experience turned sourer as Ray killed Palpatine and Ben Solo died in his efforts to revive Ray from her battle with Lord Sith.


The movie takes place on a train that carries the remaining population of Earth after a second Ice Age hits the planet. We can’t complain about the majority of the film because of its highly captivating plot. It revolves around how the underprivileged passengers plan to revolt against the affluent class on the luxurious train. But after 1.5hrs of the thrilling action, everyone on the train, except two kids, gets consumed by an avalanche. The film ended on an ambiguous note as the last two survivors stepped out of the train, only to encounter a famished and ferocious polar bear.


This sci-fi feature a young woman, Lucy, whose physical and mental abilities get enhanced after coming in contact with a drug. Brimming with action and science, this movie takes your mind for a spin. But then out of nowhere, Scarlet Johansson’s Lucy attains enlightenment and leaves a flash drive for Morgan Freeman’s character.


We don’t know what psychology game this thriller was trying to play but it barely made any sense to us. It started with a woman who sought help from her former husband to get her current abusive husband killed. We watch the whole story from the perspective of Baker Dill who is caught between his tranquil fishing life and his ex-wife who needs his help. But a weird twist, in the end, revealed that the story took place in a video game of Baker’s son who wanted to switch his game from fishing to murdering his step-father.

The Happening

This thriller starts with a great mystery as we try to find out about a toxin released in the air that forces people to kill themselves. But don’t waste time building your own theories as you wouldn’t guess the cause in a million years. It turned out that the trees of America were consciously seeking revenge from humans for exploiting them.