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Disenchanted: 5 Things We Want To See In The Sequel

Disenchanted 5 Things We Want To See In The Sequel

Disney’s long-awaited sequel to the Enchanted (2007) movie is finally on its way! Disenchanted will take place fifteen years after the events in the first film. Giselle has found a new home in Manhattan, far from her fairytale kingdom of Andalasia. She is now living happily ever after with Robert and his daughter Morgan.

There are a lot of things that need to explore in the sequel. What happened to Nancy after marrying the Prince? Has Giselle grown accustomed to city life? We will all find out the answers to these questions once Disenchanted comes out on Disney+ this year!

Giselle’s Clothing Business

Disenchanted 3

At the end of the first movie, Giselle is seen managing her own Andalasia-inspired fashion business. The shop is filled with young girls dreaming of wearing fairytale-like dresses. This scene suggests that her enterprise is doing excellently.

But, the sequel takes place years after that, and many things could have happened. Is Giselle selling clothes internationally now? Did she become a famous fashion designer? Or did she venture into a new hobby? Those are some things we’ll find out soon.

Queen Nancy In Andalasia

Enchanted 5

The twist at the end of the first film literally gave us two happy endings – one for Giselle and another for Nancy. Now that the latter became Queen of Andalasia, we’re excited to know what will happen. Did King Edward and Queen Nancy have a child? What has happened to the kingdom anyway?

Another thing that fans are expecting (although it did not happen in the first movie) is a musical number from Nancy. Idina Menzel is known for her vocal prowess as a Broadway star, and it was such a regret that the audience did not see her belt a tune in Enchanted. Fans can only expect a song or two from her now that she’s the Queen of Andalasia!

Teen Morgan

Disenchanted 2

Now that Morgan will become a teenager, there will be a lot of changes that will happen, especially with her relationship with Robert and Giselle. Morgan and Giselle seem to be pretty close, and they share a lot of hobbies, so we can expect that they will somehow become like the Gilmore Girls.

Of course, teenage years also involve angst and rebellion. Morgan might probably outgrow the innocent fairytale dream she used to love. It’s going to be an exciting twist of fate once we witness the changes in Morgan and Giselle’s bond.

More Musical Numbers

Disenchanted 1

The first movie gave us wonderful musical songs from Amy Adams such as “True Love’s Kiss” and “Happy Working Song”, and this time, fans would want to hear more! The melodious Disney tune will still be incorporated, hopefully, in the upcoming movie.

The New Villain

Disenchanted 4

Queen Narissa may be gone and out of Giselle’s life, but there will be a new terror in town. Maya Rudolph will be playing the new villain in Disenchanted. Her role will be Malvina Monroe.

Although there aren’t enough details about her appearance, it is claimed that she will be the domineering queen bee of the suburb.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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