Disney: 5 Animated Films That Made Us Believe In Love

Valentine’s Day may be over, but love will always fill the world every day. After watching cheesy rom-com or dramatic love films, switch up a bit and put on some good old Disney animated movies. There are lots of romantic fairytales you can watch with your significant other while the fresh scent of February romance still lingers in the air.

We have got a couple of popular Disney animated films that revolve around finding one’s true love, and of course, true love’s kiss. Nothing is sweeter than spending the night all snuggled up in bed and reliving these classic Disney tales.

Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the Beast Disney

The Beauty and the Beast animated movie is indeed Disney’s most beloved and successful film of all time. The story of love between a young, ordinary girl and a cursed beast has spanned for several years, and Disney continues to bring the extraordinary tale to younger generations.

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This strange meeting of minds and falling in love despite physical deformities truly defy all laws of nature. Belle and Prince Adam’s slow-burn romance is one of the most romantic stories ever told.


Rapunzel Tangled Disney

Love truly changes a person, and that is what became of Flynn Rider when he met Rapunzel. This is the timeless tale of a young princess abducted by the evil Mother Gothel and locked up in a high tower. Every day, she lives the same routine until fate took a different turn.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider’s love story was not love at first sight. In fact, they were hardly friends. It took a lot of trials and obstacles before they started trusting each other.

Gnomeo And Juliet

Gnomeo and Juliet

Far from the tragic love story of the great Shakespeare, Gnomeo and Juliet retells the classic family feud and star-crossed lovers narrative. They were smitten and fell in love at first sight. But, because of the age-long blood feud, their families try to keep them apart.

If you are looking for the alternate ending of the classic Romeo and Juliet tale, this is it. This is the happy ending that viewers have been looking for centuries.


Aladdin Jasmine Disney

Royalties and commoners love stories have been around for as long as we can remember. The magical romance between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine is a classic example. Just like other lovers, they also encountered obstacles. But together, they triumphed and followed their hearts’ contents.

It goes to show that not everything can be achieved by wishful thinking. Some things have to be earned and worked for – the same goes with relationships!

The Little Mermaid

Ariel The Little Mermaid Disney

The Little Mermaid has always been a story of love that conquers everything. It tells us that love knows no bounds, and there is nothing a passionate heart would not do in the name of love. Regardless of Ariel’s rash decisions in life, one cannot blame a girl who’s been loving from afar.

This movie will always be one of the most romantic Disney productions ever made. It also has one of the most iconic soundtracks, Part Of Your World, that encompasses love and all of its wonders.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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