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Disney: 5 Characters Who Deserve To Get A Spin-Off Movie


In most Disney movies, the protagonists always have the best kind of stories. Side characters are mainly just there as comedic relief or someone who will help the lead characters realize their worth. They may sometimes come in the form of a best friend, a love interest, or a villain.

But, many Disney side characters have very interesting backgrounds and own unique stories to tell that are not fully explored because they are just, well, minor roles. These side characters proved that they are also deserving of their own films or spin-off series.

Megara (Hercules, 1997)

Megara Hercules Disney

Megara is the love interest of Hercules. She was used by Hades as bait to trap Hercules, selling her soul to the God of Death to save a former lover who, in the end, broke her heart. With an intense background story like that, Meg deserves her narrative to be translated into her own Disney movie.

She has a whole personality that is not merely for romantic purposes, but Meg is feisty, fierce, and fantastic. She is a great role model to young girls, too, because she knows how to handle difficult situations like a pro.

Flynn Rider (Tangled, 2010)

Flynn Rider Tangled Disney

Flynn Rider, also known as Eugene, is Rapunzel’s lover and the thief who stole the young princess’s heart all the way up her tower. Fans know that Eugene had a rough childhood based on the fact that he steals to survive, and they would love to know how he came to be.

It would be great to know Eugene’s tragic background and how he became an orphan, what pushed him to become a thief instead of working honestly, and basically, his adventures before Rapunzel came into his life.

Sisu (Raya And The Last Dragon, 2021)

Sisu Raya and the Last Dragon

Sisu is known as the last of the dragons in Kumandra. She helped Raya save the country from the Druun and restore peace and balance. Sisu lived in a time when dragons roamed the earth, and it would be a fascinating sight to behold.

The historical event where dragons sacrificed themselves to save Kumandra and the humans took place hundreds of years ago. A movie showing Sisu and her fellow dragons live harmoniously before the plague would be a nice prequel to the franchise.

Mushu (Mulan, 1998)

Mushu Mulan Walt Disney

Mushu is known for his energetic disposition. He watches over the Fa family, and he went to prove himself a dragon worthy of becoming a guardian. But, Mushu had past failures that he can no longer erase.

This must explain the poor dragon’s tendency to please everyone. A movie that would tackle Mushu’s life before the events in Mulan and the struggles he faced as a guardian would be a great plot.

Madrigal Siblings (Encanto, 2021)

Madrigal Siblings Encanto Disney

At the beginning of the movie, a set of Madrigal triplets was introduced namely, Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno. They all have magical powers that they received at an early age. While viewers have seen the younger generations obtain their powers, it would be cool to witness how the first generation acquired theirs.

How the triplets were raised alone by their mother and how Abuela taught them to use their powers properly would make an interesting plot for a Disney spin-off movie.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.