Disney: 5 Iconic Things From Beauty And The Beast

Disney created a world full of magic and possibilities, and each film is a treasure trove of wonderful storytelling. There are several remarkable movies out there, but Beauty and the Beast (1991) remains the most iconic one. From its launch in the 90s until this day, it is considered one of the classic Disney animated movies.

There are a lot of significant elements in Beauty and the Beast that separate it from other Disney tales. Its unique story, alongside these iconic parts, makes it stand out from the rest of the other movies.

The Yellow Ballgown

Belle Beauty and the Beast

Belle’s yellow ballgown is one of the most anticipated looks in the movie. Every Disney princess has her own signature gown and Belle wears a vibrant yellow dress that definitely makes her a stunner. The entire ballroom lights up as she flaunts her outfit and sways to the rhythm of the music.

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Her outfit transition from a plain blue dress to a gorgeous yellow garb signifies her character’s development and relationship with the Beast. From their first cold meeting, they gradually soften up and became warm toward each other.

The Ballroom Dance

Beauty and the Beast 2

This scene proves to be the most emotional one because it finally concludes the long and hard process of accepting one another. The ballroom dance is the peak of Belle and the Beast’s romance, proving to one another that love triumphs over faults and flaws.

In this scene, we can see the tender relationship they have built over the span of time they spent together inside the castle. The dance is symbolic of their characters’ development.

The Side Characters

Beauty and the Beast 1

One of the unique features of Beauty and the Beast is the side characters. In most Disney films, talking animals usually accompany the princess. But here, we have the enchanted objects. Indeed, they are significant to the story, and their distinct characteristics add value to the plot.

Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, and Cogsworth served not only as Belle’s companions but also as the matchmakers for her and the Beast. But, of course, just like Prince Adam, the castle servants were also cursed, and they just want to be free again.

The Music

Belle music

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic parts of the movie is its main theme song. Originally sung by Angela Lansbury, the “Beauty and the Beast” song is considered one of the many classic Disney soundtracks.

The song has been recorded by several artists, including Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson, and the most recent are Ariana Grande and John Legend.

The Love Story

Beauty and the Beast 3

It is one of Disney’s most unique productions, transcending typical love stories and portraying a love like no other. The slow-burn romance between Belle and the Beast shows that true love takes time, and lovers have to gradually meet halfway rather than burst forth.

Despite its strange nature, it is the most realistic Disney love story. Belle did not fall in love right away, and the Beast was not immediately enchanted by her beauty. They learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses first before taking a leap of faith.

Written by Ariane

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