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Disney: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pixar’s Soul

Disney Pixar’s Soul is a story of a man named Joe Gardner (played by Jamie Foxx) who is passionate about music. One day, he finds himself in The Great Before, a place where all souls are born. His quest to get back on his mortal form while mentoring a new soul is the plot of the film.

If there is anything Pixar is most known for, it is their easter eggs in every Disney movie. There were lots of references found in the film if fans only watched out for them. But because Pixar’s Soul is so enjoyable to watch, one might have missed those clues. Don’t fret because we’ve got you covered! Here are some hidden details about the film:

The Number 22

Disney Pixar Soul

The souls in The Great Before are labeled by numbers which the audience can easily assume that they were created numerically. The central figure among them is Number 22 (played by Tina Fey), a soul who has been staying in The Great Before for a long time.

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Certainly, this number is not chosen randomly. It means that 22 films came out before Pixar’s Soul.

A Reference To Brave’s Merida

Disney Pixar Soul 3

A new soul must find its own spark before being sent to Earth, and this is done by trying out and exploring new things. In one of the flashback scenes, there was a new soul playing archery and upon hitting the target, discovers its own spark.


This is a clever reference to Pixar’s Brave movie. The new soul is definitely Merida, the princess who used her archery skills to shoot for her own hand and choose her freedom.

Another Hint To The Next Movie (Luca)

Disney Pixar Soul 2

This easter egg may easily go unnoticed as it only appeared for a brief screen time. When Joe and 22 walked by a travel agency, there was a poster that said, “Fly Luca Airlines” and “Visit Portorosso”. This is a clue to the next movie after Soul which is Luca.

Before Soul was released, it was also featured in the movie Onward in an album with the name Dorothea Williams.

Mentors’ Name Tags

Disney Pixar Soul 4

New souls are mentored by distinguished people who have passed on to help them find their own spark. Some famous personalities featured in the film include Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali, and Mother Teresa.

All of these mentors wore name tags, and in one scene where 22 looks at the wall full of her former mentors’ name tags, viewers can spot two unfamiliar names: Joe Grant and Joe Ranft. They were former employees at Pixar who have passed away.

Recent You Seminar Graduates

Credits Pixar Soul 5

Some of the easter eggs in Disney Pixar films are found in the end credits. There is a section called ‘Production Babies’ where all the names of kids born during the film’s production are written. In this case, the title was changed to ‘Recent You Seminar Graduates’.


This is a fun and clever way of incorporating the movie’s storyline into reality. Indeed, these babies have found their own sparks, and we can’t wait for them to live their dreams.

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