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Disney Abandons Venom Star Tom Hardy’s New Movie

Tom Hardy's upcoming film seems to be hanging by a thread as Disney reportedly abandons it.

Disney Abandons Venom Star Tom Hardy's New Movie


  • Tom Hardy's upcoming motorcycle crime/drama movie, The Bikeriders, has reportedly been removed from Disney's release schedule.
  • The movie was initially planned to be released on December 1, but Disney reportedly scrapped the idea due to the release of Beyoncé's Renaissance concert film on the same day.
  • Fans were highly hyped for the movie, which stars Austin Butler in the lead and already has an 85% approval rating on the Tomatometer.

Tom Hardy has proved as a worthy asset to almost every company he has worked with and for. A terrific actor and Oscar winner, he brought in a hefty profit for Sony and the Marvel Cinematic Universe for his all-time superhit and fan-favorite anti-hero movie, Venom, for one to count. So for anyone to abandon a film of the hotshot that could potentially bring in some big bucks would be nothing short of a disaster.

Tom Hardy (@tomhardy | Instagram)
Tom Hardy (@tomhardy | Instagram)

But it seems Disney isn’t worried about it considering the recent reports claiming The Walt Disney Company to have reportedly removed Hardy’s upcoming motorcycle crime/drama The Bikeriders from its release schedule.

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Disney Has Reportedly Abandoned Tom Hardy’s The Bikeriders

Tom Hardy in a still from The Bikeriders
Tom Hardy in a still from The Bikeriders

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Tom Hardy’s upcoming The Bikeriders, which stars Austin Butler as the lead, has been incredibly hyped ever since the first trailer of the movie came out, and fans just can’t wait anymore to see the movie–especially since it was initially planned to be released in the theatres by December 1.

However, that idea has reportedly been scrapped by Disney according to the news reports recently surfaced about the company removing the 20th Century Studios’ motorcycle drama from its official release schedule.

A reason cited behind this unsetting of Hardy’s presumably superhit movie from its confirmed worldwide theatrical release is that Beyoncé’s Renaissance concert film is getting released in AMC theatres on the same day as was planned for The Bikeriders.


Another reason cited by The InSneider is that even though The Bikeriders is currently riding high on the Tomatometer with a fresh 85% approval rating, “awards pundits felt it was more of a commercial play than an Oscar contender, and the film hasn’t rated too highly on the trades’ prediction charts.”

So now, New Regency is on its own and looking for a new distributor to release the movie at the earliest, even considering the possibility of a streaming release because 1. The company can’t take the risk of another ‘costly flop’, and 2. The lack of time has only further forced the inability to mount a proper publicity campaign for the film after the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Thus, so far, it seems unlikely for Tom Hardy‘s next presumed blockbuster The Bikeriders to make it to the big screens anytime soon–at least not by the end of this year.

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Disney Faces Backlash By The Bikeriders Fans

A still from The Bikeriders
A still from The Bikeriders

As hyped as the fans were for Tom Hardy and Austin Butler’s The Bikeriders, this recent report of Disney no longer releasing the movie has set loose a heap of backlash for the company. Taking to X, fans have expressed their disappointment and disapproval of Disney’s decision for the same.

Considering how much fans wanted to see it, The Bikeriders could actually bring in some big bucks for whichever company decides to distribute it, if given the right release strategy. As for now, it’s better to just hope this blockbuster doesn’t get absorbed into the endless streaming swamp.

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