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Disney+ Announces Season 2 Release Date for Marvel’s What If (But Is It Real?)

Disney Announces Season 2 Release Date for Marvels What If

In 2021, Marvel Studios made a fully animated series with the Disney+ series, named, “What If…?” There are nine episodes in the series and it focuses on the characters, and the concepts from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity Saga and raised the concept of what would happen if something changed.


Season 1 of the series was watched by the people because it was something new and it is always great to experiment and watch things for fun, but unfortunately, the series was not rated high enough. Anyway, a second season of “What if..?” is coming, though Disney+ and Marvel haven’t commented anything about the release date officially.


Is What if…?’s season 2 premiere date revealed yet?

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Disney+ newsletter has apparently sent out to their subscribers that season 2 will debut on July 20. Although there is no confirmation from Marvel or Disney+. They have not even released a trailer for the show, or any kind of promotions.

Can we rely on this particular date?

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When the first season had streamed last year, there was no doubt that there would be a season 2 of the series. They hoped they could release it in 2022. Since then, there hasn’t been much information about this, until now. Coming into the new year, Disney+ released a reel that showcased all of the upcoming projects coming within this year. While it didn’t include all of them, it was notable how ‘What If…?’ also did not make the cut. It is sure that the series will hit the platform this year, but the date of July 20 seems impractical. As mentioned above, there are no trailers, or social media posts relating to or indicating that the series will release on July 20.

Public reaction to the news of the release.

Season one of the series was not highly rated. The fans criticized the show, the storyline, and the paceline. Yet, the show stands as fun and lively and Disney+ would want to promote and advertise it a little more before bringing it onto the platform.

Disney+ does not hesitate to stream shows and movies, but when it comes to marvel, and thinking of the public reaction they would want the fandom to increase a little more for this series before launching the show.

Written by Kathakali Sarkar