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‘Disney’s Gone Very Conservative’: Russo Brothers Explain Disney is Hurting MCU Phase 4 Movies & Shows


One of the biggest directors of Marvel, Anthony, and Joe Russo, collectively known as the Russo Brothers explain how Disney is quite responsible for the present condition of Marvel. With the recent movies and shows by Marvel getting slammed by the critics and the audiences, it’s been a long time since the MCU fans watched something magnificent being produced by the studio. Phase 4 of MCU doesn’t look good and has also witnessed a dip in the quality of the content produced.

Russo Brothers share about Disney's conservative attitude over Marvel
Russo Brothers share about Disney’s conservative attitude

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Marvel under The Disney Umbrella:

Russo Brothers blame disney for lack of creative freedom
Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President

The Russo Brothers are one of the greatest directors of MCU responsible for giving numerous box-office hits in the names of Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame, and also the last two Captain America movies. They have made quite a name for themselves in the industry.

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During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Russo Brothers explain how the Disney Umbrella affects Marvel very much. Sometimes Disney gets too conservative regarding their works:

“But I also think, too, that Disney’s gone very conservative. Post-[Bob] Iger, they seem to be in IP management mode. You’re going to get all the Star Wars and all the Marvel you can handle for the next decade. They’re all changing. It’s either a reinforced conservative approach from your traditional studios or it’s forcing a tech company like Netflix to rethink its entire model.”

Now with the growth of Disney+ and Disney’s classic approach focusing on theater movies. they are running on a hybrid model and one of the prime examples of it is Marvel. With the abundance of so many movies and series by Marvel, the fans are now observing a quantity over quality thing in the studio.

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Marvel’s lack of Boldness in their Projects:

Marvel disappoints with Phase 4
The Recently released Thor: Love and Thunder was also trashed by critics as well as the audience

Even though Disney’s control on IP benefits MCU, still it can’t be denied at all that the quality is dropping very much. With Disney’s conservative attitude presiding over the works of Marvel, the Directors fail to take risks and induce any innovation at all and we end up getting those same old-school formula-centric superhero movies and shows.

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Disney’s conservative attitude also involves meddling with the creator’s creative liberty and exercising their control over them. This affects the movies very much and as a result of which many of the fans point out how it seems more like a degrading phase instead of any improvement. And now with other superhero projects like Amazon Prime’s The Boys, the House of Mouse needs to understand that if they don’t start to go beyond their limits then after sometimes hardly anyone will remember them.

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