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Disney’s Encanto Actress Drops Hint About Movie’s Next Phase


Disney’s Encanto became a worldwide hit movie after its release in November 2021. As the 60th feature film of Walt Disney Animation, it garnered swift popularity when it was released on Disney+.

The Family Madrigal from Disney’s Encanto

Encanto continued to make waves both on household screens and radios. The catchy song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” became everyone’s anthem for almost two months since its release. The song climbed to No. 1 on the Billboard charts, surpassing Frozen’s “Let It Go”. It also became the first Disney song to top the charts after 29 years.

The movie also received Best Animated Feature Film at the 94th Academy Awards, and even after months of its release, the franchise kept on increasing its fan base. It is no wonder that a possible sequel might be on the way, although there hasn’t been any news as of late.

Encanto Actress Hints At Possible Sequel

Adassa, the voice of Dolores Madrigal, the all-hearing daughter of the Madrigal family, dropped a hint on her recent Instagram Live video. She mentioned, “while Encanto is preparing for its next amazing phase,” – a vague and cryptic clue about the future of the franchise.

Check out this short clip posted by Twitter user triv:

Screenshot Encanto
Screenshot from a Twitter account, updates about Disney’s Encanto

There are still no updates about an upcoming sequel, and Disney has been really quiet about its next move on the franchise. With the success of Encanto as a new pop culture phenomenon, it might receive the same treatment that other successful movies like Frozen and The Lion King had. Songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda already hinted at a Broadway musical adaptation.

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Singer-Songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda

Miranda said in an interview with E News:

My first draft of the last song in the movie, ‘All of You,’ was like seven minutes long. It was so late in production that they were like, ‘Lin, we won’t make the movie in time. You actually have to cut this down.’ So I’ve got the Broadway finale like in the chamber.”

Disney movies on stage have been quite triumphant over the years, and whether the studio would opt for a live-stage performance or a sequel film, Encanto will indeed have lots of opportunities to explore.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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