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Disney Fan Theories So Dark & Disturbing They Could Change The Entire Movie

Disney animated movies are everyone’s favorite, family-friendly pastime. But these theories flip the script, making these lovable Disney movies especially dark and disturbing.

Frozen – Hans Was A Good Guy Brainwashed By Rock Trolls’ Magic Into Becoming A Villain

Frozen 2

When you think about it, it makes all the more sense. Hans was introduced as the stereotypical Prince Charming. he was smart, funny, and saved the day. He saved Elsa when a guard was about to shoot her with his crossbow. Hans saved Anna when she was about to plummet to her death on the high seas. He had been a good guy all along. But suddenly, during the movie’s final act, Hans reveals he was the bad guy. One Reddit user claims to have the answer. The Rock Trolls, who are known to use powerful magic, were the ones responsible for Hans’ personality change. They used magic to make him the villain because they wanted Anna and Kristoff to end up together. Hans was a victim all along.

Aladdin Is Set On A Post Apocalyptic Earth After A Nuclear War In The ’90s


At first, you think that Aladdin is set in the ancient Middle East. But the more details you figure out in the movie, the more you realize how wrong your assumptions were. The Genie says “10,000 years” could give him such a crick in the neck. 10,000 years does not coincide with the timeline of the ancient Middle eastern Kingdoms. To top it off, the Genie constantly makes references to ’90s pop culture stars like Jack Nicholson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The only explanation is that the world of Aladdin is set in a time that is about 10,000 years after a global nuclear holocaust in the ’90s decimated the planet. Humanity is rebuilding from scratch. Does that mean the Genie is some form of advanced AI technology from pre-apocalypse Earth?

Moana Passed Away In The Thunderstorm


This theory is going to super dark for many readers. When Moana sets out on her boat to find Maui, she encounters a huge thunderstorm. The theory states Moana died since the storm was too great for her to handle. The rest of the journey is done by Moana‘s spirit. That is why she meets only Gods and Spirits along the way. It is only after she finishes her quest that Te Fiti restores her spirit to her body, bringing her back to the mortal plane. This allows her to return back to her family back on the island.

Peter Pan Kills The Ones Who Wish To Grow Up

Source: Walt Disney Animation

The Disney hero is very bratty, arrogant, and even downright obnoxious at times. All he ever wants is to play. He is not even below using the tactic of kidnapping children from the real world and bringing them to Neverland. But what happens when the kids grow tired of this non-stop fun and want to grow up? This dark theory from a Reddit user claims that Peter Pan kills the children who want to stop playing with him. Captain Hook and his pirates were once peter’s playmates who escaped his wrath and now do whatever they can to stop Peter Pan in his tracks.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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