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Disney+ Hawkeye: New Clip Shows Clint Barton Making Arrows With Stark Tech

Marvel has just released a new TV spot for the Disney+ series Hawkeye and it shows Barton making arrows with Stark tech! If a few years people wondered what would happen to the side characters, Marvel Studios came in with just the right answer. Phase 4 has been about exploring side characters such as Black Widow, Loki, Falcon, and now it’s time for Clint Barton. The Disney+ series will have Hawkeye go through the streets of New York post-blip and deal with a threat from his past. Now, the new TV spot shows Barton making arrows using Stark tech. Check it out!

Barton Makes Arrows With Stark Tech In Disney+ Hawkeye

Disney+ Hawkeye: Clint Barton makes arrows with Stark tech in new TV spot
Disney+ Hawkeye: Clint Barton makes arrows with Stark tech in the new TV spot

We’re all excited to see Jeremy Renner suit as Clint Barton/Hawkeye. The reason why this character speaks to the audience on a great level is that it represents normalcy. He has no superpowers but he has always survived on skill alone. Moreover, the upcoming Disney+ series will explore Clint Barton as an individual. Now, he teams up with Kate and handles an Avenger-level threat. But something has struck our eye. First, check out the TV spot below:

As you can see in the TV spot, action is an element that will never leave the series. However, one cheeky detail that you might’ve missed is that Barton is using Tony Stark’s technology. Why? To make his arrows. Even though Iron Man is not in the MCU anymore, his legacy will live on. Tony Stark is dead (at least in the Sacred Timeline), but his work is pretty much still alive and Barton is not afraid to put it to good use. This further tells us that Hawkeye might have levelled up in terms of his arsenal.

Jeremy Renner 7 Hailee Steinfeld in Disney+ Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner 7 Hailee Steinfeld in Disney+ Hawkeye

As seen in Infinity War and Endgame, Stark was all about nano-technology. Could it be the same for Hawkeye? If yes, then Barton is one hell of a hero in the series. It’s confirmed that Steve and Tony will both be referenced in Hawkeye, now we wonder if any other MCU hero will be referenced. Moreover, who else can appear in the show?

Written by Deepak Vasisht