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Disney Loves Putting Easter Eggs In Films And We’ve Spotted Over 20 In ‘Encanto’

????Warning! Spoilers ahead, do not read on if you haven’t watched Disney’s Encanto!????
Disney’s latest installment, Encanto has kept up with the tradition of being swamped with Easter Eggs like every other film from the house of mouse. Here are all the easter eggs that we found:

1. The first easter egg of the film is in the movie’s poster itself! You can spot Bruno hiding in the background here.

2. Mirabel’s blouse is printed with a butterfly design which is a nod to the Madrigal family. Throughout the Casita, you can spot butterfly patterns. There’s even one on the candle.

3. Take the example of the walls inside the nursery.

4. Mirabel’s green glasses are possibly a nod to Bruno’s green eye color. Both Mirabel and Bruno are seen as outcasts in the family.

5. Mirabel’s father Agustín dons an outfit that reflects the three important people of his life: his daughters. He has a flower for Isabela, a sock with Luisa’s weight symbols, and another sock embroidered like Mirabel’s outfit.

6. Abuela Alma’s dress has a print on the bottom that resembles the mountains where The Casita is situated.

7. Butterflies make way to Abuela Alma’s attire as well as she constantly wears a butterfly keychain that hangs a watch and a key. 

8. Mirabel’s mother, Julieta has an outfit with a mortar and pestle printed on it. It is a tool that is used for grinding kitchen ingredients. The print is a nod to her special power. 

9. The print pattern on Dolores’s blouse resembles sound waves. It is a nod to her gift of enhanced hearing.

10. Similarly, Isabella’s dress and Luisa’s skirt feature a design that resembles their special gift, flowers and weights.

11. Pepa wears sun-shaped earrings that give a nod to her ability to change the weather. 

12. Even the poncho that Camilo wears has a design that resembles a chameleon. This is a nod to his shapeshifting abilities. 

13. Bruno’s cloak has hourglasses printed on it. This is a nod to his ability to see through time and into the future.

14. In the poster, even Antonio wears a vest that has a symbol of his power on it.

15. The gift that Mirabel gives Antonio is wrapped with paper printed with a lot of animals. He ends up getting a gift that allows him to talk to animals

16. Before we are introduced to Bruno and his rats, Dolores cites that the rats in the walls are worried about the magic. This explains that Dolores had been hearing Bruno this whole time.

17. During Luisa’s “Surface Pressure” song, there’s a nod to Titanic. You can also spot three donkeys playing music while the ship sank as a reference to the musicians who played till the ship drowned.

18. When Dolores is singing her verse in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” we briefly get a glimpse of what appears to be Bruno sneaking around on the second floor behind.

19. If you pause quickly, you can spot a plant growing in Bruno’s room inside a shoe. This is exactly how WALL-E kept his plant alive in WALL-E.

20. The yellow butterflies that we see towards the end of the film, and in Bruno’s vision are thought to symbolize imagination and happiness. They also symbolize the advent of good fortune. 

21. When Bruno sings his apology to Pepa for ruining her wedding day, he sings in the same vocal melody of “Let it go”.  

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Written by Muneer

Muneer is an Indian writer at FandomWire who plans to visit all countries in this world to eat the food on their streets. Obsessed with joggers, he sings and plays the strings too.