Disney+ Marvel Studios Teaser Breakdown

Disney+ Marvel Studios Teaser Breakdown
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Marvel Studios unveiled first looks at all its upcoming Disney+ shows that are currently in development during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.


Rumors started swirling about possible commercials and trailers that could be premiering during the second half of the Big Game. A Reddit schedule showed a trailer titled Falcon and the Winter Soldier, leaving many to believe that there would be a 30 second teaser for that particular show. Instead, Disney released a teaser for all Marvel content in actual development for the Disney streaming platform. 

You can check out the TV spot below:


The promo was quick and was only meant to be a teaser for the new shows as they were only filled with quick shots, with no major plot points revealed.

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The trailer starts with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier footage showing both Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) in a post-Endgame world. The trailer also gives fans the first look at Zemo and US Agent. Zemo was revealed to be a part of the show back in July during San Diego Comic Con, but was revealed with his comics accurate purple mask at the time. US Agent is also shown carrying either Steve Rogers’ shield or something very similar as he runs across a football field showing that he is either already the new Captain America like in the comics, or he has an ulterior motive. US Agent’s real name is John Walker, and he is the anti-Captain America. He is the exact opposite in almost every way including birthplace, motives, and values. The only thing he shares with Steve Rogers, is his love of country, being a true patriot.  


Some of the rumored plot points surrounding this show say that the US government has decided that Sam Wilson cannot be the new Captain America for some unknown reason, instead trying to make US Agent take on the mantle. Having Sam Wilson training with the shield to truly become Captain America, is probably the main plot for this show. 

The next piece of footage inside this short teaser showed the first footage for WandaVision, which is supposed to revolve around Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany). The show is described as part sitcom, part superhero epic. The footage right away shows Vision and Wanda in several different outfits on a 1950s sitcom set showing how something is very wrong with the world but it is unexplained. 

The show puts Wanda through multiple costume changes including a version where she is pregnant and another version where she is wearing the comics accurate costume she is known for. The rumored plot is inspired by the Marvel Comics storyline, House of M  where Wanda loses her twin children and has a mental breakdown that completely changes reality. Wanda most likely has something similar happen while dealing with the death of Vision at the hands of Thanos. 


The surprise at the end of the trailer shows the very first footage from Loki, which revolves around Loki and his adventures after escaping in 2012 after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The show must have just started filming in the past few weeks, obviously, but the only thing fans knew before the teaser trailer, was that Owen Wilson had been added to the cast. 

In the teaser, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is sitting in what appears to be an interrogation room, wearing a prisoner’s jumpsuit with the letter TVA on it. This has led many to believe that the letters stand for Time Variance Authority. They are a group of beings who monitor time and alternate timelines. They seem to be quite similar to the Time Bureau seen in Legends of Tomorrow. 

Endgame explained time as something that only moves forward, so every time someone goes back in time, they’re actually transferring to an alternate timeline in history, not actually going back in theirs since the past already happened. So with Loki stealing the Tesseract and possibly messing with time and space, he seems to have been marked by the Time Variance Authority and captured. The show was described as a man on the run in space so this could prove both very interesting and very colorful if it borrows from Jack Kirby like Thor: Ragnorak did.


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