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Disney+ MCU Shows Update

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Halfway into 2020 and things haven’t been the best so far. COVID-19 has delayed a lot of upcoming movies, shows, event, etc. but you get the point. While productions on some projects are in the early stages of starting to film, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed some good news and some bad news regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe side for Disney+.

Let’s just rip off the band aid and start off with the bad news first. Not only is the first MCU TV series The Falcon and the Winter Solider going to miss it’s August release, WandaVision has been delayed until spring 2021. Yeah we just can’t seem to have nice things this year. Anyway The Hollywood Reporter does mention that if everything goes as planned, The Falcon and the Winter Solider will announce a new release date. Along with that WandaVision and Loki should have their spring 2021 dates should be intact. That is to say if all goes well.

Now onto the good news. The other Disney+ series Hawkeye is gaining some new traction. Directing duo Amber Finlayson (Bert) and Katie Ellwood (Bertie) of Amazon Prime’s Troop Zero have been tasked with directing a block of episodes for the masked marksman. Stringing along with them is Saturday Night Live helmer Rhys Thomas who will also be directing another block of episodes too. Show runner Jonathan Igla of AMC’s Mad Men is writing the show.

Hawkeye will see not only the return of Jeremy Renner but will also introduce fan favorite Young Avenger member Kate Bishop. Actress Hailee Steinfield was in talks to play the young archer but it’s unclear if the deal was closed.

Other Marvel Studios shows that are set to debut on Disney+ are Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and their first animated series What If?.

Are you excited to see Kate Bishop’s debut in the MCU ? Let us know in the comments below !

Written by Devin Colson

I’m a huge geek when it comes to things like Marvel/DC, Star Wars, anime, etc. Bit of a movie buff. Disney kid at heart.

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