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Disney Movie Cliches Fans Still Adore No Matter What

Disney Movie Cliches Fans Still Adore No Matter What

When we talk about Disney movies, a true picture of fantasies and happy endings come to our minds! And who doesn’t love happy endings!? Though they are cliches, fans still adore every bit of it. From Cinderella to Frozen, every Disney movie gives us a feeling of comfort, and Disney never fails to make us believe in love, magic and what not! Let’s revisit some of the most loved Disney movie cliches fans still can’t get over!

1. Talking Furry Friends

Disney loves adding some cute furry animal characters in every movie. You can find the presence of animals from Cinderella’s mice to Baloo in Mowgli. These talking animals show how creative Disney can be. No matter what the story is, you’ll definitely see some of these furry animals roaming around the main characters.

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Animal characters in Disney movies

2. The Crossovers

The heart-core Disney fans must have noticed some major character cameos in Disney movies. Rapunzel’s cameo in Frozen or the glimpse of Mickey and Goofy in the Little Mermaid. Many people in the audience may or may not notice the hidden character cameos and references, but the true Disney fans will indeed find those easter eggs.

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Character cameos

3. Great Musical Numbers

One cliche which Disney never fails to add is the great musical numbers. From the classic “A whole new world” from Aladdin to the all-new “Let it go”. Every Disney musical will make you either sing or dance, and sometimes you end up doing both! These musicals will get stuck in your head, and honestly, Disney knows how to make the movie memorable by adding a perfect groovy musical.

Idina Menzel Let It Go screenshot 2019 billboard 1500
Best musicals by Disney

4. Let’s Talk About Love…

Disney movies mostly tend to be love stories, and the story’s main plot revolves around love. Since the time of Snow White, Disney believes that love conquers all and it will fix everything in the end. This is one of the most common cliches, but Disney will make you feel in love! One thing which Disney has added to its new-age movies is a whole new meaning of love. From family love to love in friendship, Disney has shown us some new ways of love.

Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid
Cliche love stories

5. Flamboyant Villains

If we list the Disney movies cliches, how can we forget to add one of the most popular cliches, the villains in every Disney movie. From Ursula in Little Mermaid to Scar in The Lion King. Honestly, if asked, Disney villains are the best part of any movie. The villains have the best dialogues and the coolest musicals.

disney villains
Disney villains

6. Trusted Sidekicks

Almost every Disney movie have Princess and Prince in the leading role, and these main characters have cute sidekick. These sidekicks can be annoying sometimes, but they are the ones who help them all the way. Zazu from The Lion King and Sven from Frozen are some of the best examples of a perfect sidekick.

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Sidekicks in Disney movies

7. Ending On a Sweet Note

Ending this list on a sweet note just the way Disney ends its movies on a sweet note with a kiss! Disney never fails to give us happy tears at the movie’s end by topping it with a kiss. All curses and sleeping spells from the evil villain breaks when the two lovers kiss each other. It may be the easiest way to end any movie, but it’s the best also! And now it feels like a tradition to see a movie end with a kiss.

Happy Endings!

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