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8 Disney Movies With Origin Stories So Horrifying To Give Freddy Krueger Nightmares

Everyone loves Disney movies, but do you know the original stories of some Disney movies!? These are 8 Disney movies with origin stories so horrifying to give Freddy Krueger nightmares.

1. “The Sleeping Beauty.”

We saw Disney’s version of The Slepping Beauty. But in reality, the prince doesn’t kiss her; he gets her pregnant and leaves her because he was already married. When Aurora arrives at the palace with her twins, the Prince’s wife tries to kill them. But in the end, they were united with the king.

2. We all know the story of “Cinderella“. She was married to a prince and got her happily ever after. But in Charles Perrault version, when the prince appears at Cinderella’s house, the stepmother forces her daughters to fit into the slipper. One of them cut her toes, and the other sliced off her toes while trying to adjust into the heel.

3. “The Little Mermaid.”

In the story we know, Ariel got a happy ending with Prince Eric. But in Christian’s version, the agreement she signed in exchange for her voice for a pair of legs, became a problem for her. She felt like she was walking on knives. Also, she jumps into the ocean and kills herself because the prince married another woman.

4. “Snow White.” We all know the story about Snow White, who had to escape to the woods and lived with dwarfs. A prince revived her from the witch’s poison, and they lived happily. In the story by Grimm Brothers, the witch is killed by dancing in heated iron shoes until she fainted and died.

5. “Pinocchio” is a story of a boy made out of wood which became a real boy in the end. But in the original story, Pinocchio had terrible behaviour towards his father and even he was angry. As a consequence, he died hanging by a tree.

6. “The Hunchback of Notre Dame. “Quasimodo, a boy with disabilities who fell in love with Esmerelda and saved her. But in Victor’s novel, Quasimodo failed to save Esmerelda. Instead, she was hanged.  Quasimodo died due to hunger near Esmeralda’s grave. In the end, their skeletons turned into ashes.

7. “Mulan”

In the story we know, Mulan won the war against the Huns. But in reality, Mulan loses the battle, and she runs away. When she arrived back home, her father died, and her mother remarried. In the end, she wanted to be with her father; therefore, she killed herself.

8. “Beauty and the Beast.”

Ending the list of Disney movies with origin stories with one of our most favourite Disney movies of all time. In Disney’s version, Belle had a happy ending with the Beast. But in the original story, Belle’s sisters were jealous when they saw her decked up with jewellery and about the lavish life she lives. They convince Belle to extend her stay, which will make the beast angry.


Written by FandomWire Staff