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Disney Pixar: 11 Easter Eggs That Make Rewatching Even Better

I think we all have to agree that Disney Pixar Easter Eggs are the best among all the other movie series and franchises. They hide away the details most cleverly, which makes discovering them and their hidden meanings even more exciting. Y’all are going to have twice as much fun going through these as I did writing these. So let’s not dwell anymore here and dive into the list of Disney Pixar Easter Eggs, which will make re-watching even better.

1. “A113” was first seen in the Toy Story on the license plate of a car. While it might have confused many of us, it is an inside joke for all the animators. It is the classroom number of the Arts room of California Institute of The Arts. 

Disney Pixar Easter eggs a113 Toy Story
A113 Easter Egg

2. If we look closely, we can see that there’s a reference of Wall-E, with the help of cups, displayed in Toy Story 4.

Toy Story 4 WALL-E cups Disney Pixar Easter eggs
Wall-E theme cups

3. There is a nod in Toy Story 4 2019 where we see a Chinese takeaway box. It is actually a reference to A Bug’s Life from 1998.

Disney Pixar Easter eggs Toy Story 2 (1999)
Takeaway box from A Bug’s Life

4. In a scene in Big Hero 6 where Baymax and Hero enter the police station, there are two photo frames on the desk of the sergeant. It is of Ester and Bolt from Bolt. 

Disney Pixar Easter eggs Big Hero 6 Bolt
Ester and Bolt

5. Ratatouille’s Gusteau’s restaurant is a very famous and adored place. There was a brief appearance of a restaurant of the same name in Cars 2 in 2011. 

Ratatouille – Cars 2 Disney Pixar Easter eggs
Gusteau’s in Ratatouille and Cars 2

6. Toy Story series has a lot of references and Disney Pixar Easter Eggs, one of which is the next one. Here is one scene in Toy Story 4, there’s a brief appearance of a toy (Tinny) from Tin Toy in 1988. 

Tinny from the “Tin Toy” ToyStory4 Disney Pixar Easter eggs
Tinny from Tin Toy

7. In Wall-E, there’s a scene where we see an advertisement for a company called “Eggman Movers”. It is indeed a reference to a company from Toy Story, 1995.

(“Eggman Movers”) Disney Pixar Easter eggs Wall E
Eggman Movers

8. There is a calendar that appears in the background while watching Toy Story 2; not for very long, yet fans spot it. The picture on the calendar is a still from A Bug’s Life.

Disney Pixar Easter eggs Toy Story 4 calendar Bug's Life
A Bug’s Life reference

9. Disney Pixar’s latest one, Out, also has a hidden Easter Egg. The dog in the short film, Jim, carries a toy around, which is Wheezy from Toy Story. 

In the Pixar short film “Out” (2020), the dog's favorite toy is Wheezy from “Toy Story 2” (1999) : MovieDetails
Wheezy in Out

10. The famous flying carpet from Aladdin makes an appearance in the Princess and The Frog in 2009.

In the Princess and the Frog (2009), the flying carpet from Aladdin (1992) makes an appearance in New Orleans. : MovieDetails
Aladdin carpet in The Princess and The Frog

11. The song in Moana called How Far I’ll Go shows us a carpet, which is exactly like the flying carpet in Aladdin (1992).

Disney's Moana Easter Egg: Aladdin's Magic Carpet
Aladdin and Moana

These were some of the most clever and very hard-to-notice Easter Eggs from Disney Pixar movies. Do you know any more? Let us know in the comments.

Written by FandomWire Staff

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