Disney+ Teases Arrival Of Daredevil And Other R-Rated Movies In The Future

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Earlier this month, a lot of fans were taken aback by a flurry of mixed emotions as Netflix’s Daredevil was confirmed to leave the streaming platform. Following suit were the related shows set in the same universe; Jessica JonesIron Fist, Luke CageThe Punisher, and The Defenders. Considering the recent surge in interest for the Man Without Fear, users were surprised to see the streaming giant confirming that Daredevil and other related shows would be leaving the platform on 1st March, whenever they tried to watch these shows. Though initial reactions ranged from disbelief to disappointment, the silver lining was that these shows would be soon integrated into Disney’s own streaming sites such as Hulu or Disney+.


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With Charlie Cox appearing as Matthew Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Netflix’s Daredevil once again witnesses a massive surge in viewership. As a result, it made sense for Disney to bring back the show to its own streaming platforms instead of letting one of its biggest competitors take the benefit. Though it is yet to be seen on which streaming platform Daredevil and other related shows will actually be hosted on, fans have pointed out a slight indication that they could be finally coming to Disney+.

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In the United States, fans pointed out a noticeable change in the sign-in page that has apparently teased the arrival of Daredevil and potentially, other R-Rated shows and movies in the future. On the sign-in page, the promotional image included the Star network.


Despite being a content hub for Disney, the Star network features movies and shows from other subsidiaries of Disney which lean towards more mature content. As the network contains content from 20th Century Fox, Freeform, and FX, Disney can host potentially mature and R-rated content which Disney+ will most probably not stream in the near future due to its child-friendly policies.

To ensure that it was not just limited to the United States, the sign-in page for Disney+ in the UK also included Star Network, despite having a different promotional image. However, as fans pointed out, Disney+ has now removed Star Network from its promotional image on the sign-in page. While it is yet to be seen if it was a minor mistake on the studio’s behalf, the timing could not be just a mere coincidence.


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While fans are still awaiting the fate of Daredevil as Disney has stated that it will ‘soon’ announce its decision, the future looks bright to incorporate more mature content on the streaming platform. With movies like LoganDeadpool proving that R-rated movies can still be profitable, Disney seems to have considered this move after long introspection.


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