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Disney Threatens Star Wars Boss to Stop Announcing Multiple Projects at Once Amidst ‘Watchmen’ Fame Damon Lindelof Helming Movie Set After Sequel Trilogy

Star Wars

Back in 2012, Disney bought the coveted Lucasfilm Studios for a whopping $4 Billion, and it was one of the most ambitious and exciting takeovers in entertainment history, making Disney the owner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the Star Wars franchise. With two of the biggest cinematic universes in existence under its watchful eye, Disney went on to make a huge bank from the subsequent releases. Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was the third installment of trilogies into the vast universe of a galaxy far, far away, and it more than paid off the investment that was put into the takeover.

Star Wars Poster
Star Wars Poster

But since then, Lucasfilm Studios have not yet introduced any new additions of Star Wars to the silver screen.

Gladly, we now have confirmation that there is a whole new project that Lucasfilm has undertaken that will bring Star Wars back into cinemas. One slight alteration though. Disney seems to want to shut down any announcements from Lucasfilm’s head.

Disney Wants To Silent Future Star Wars Announcements

A new report reveals that higher-ups at Disney told Lucasfilm to stop announcing Star Wars projects and creatives involved. Lucasfilm has earned a bad reputation in these past recent years by hiring high-profile filmmakers onto Star Wars projects only to have them fired or quit at various stages of production. Some of these notable identities were Colin Trevorrow, Josh Trank, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller. This directly correlates to the execution and development of projects, sometimes even resulting in cancelations.

Taika Waititi thor love and thunder star wars
Taika Waititi is a candidate to helm a future Star Wars project

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Due to these past mishaps and alterations to high-profile projects by Lucasfilm, Disney seems to be worried that another such event might put a really bad PR rep on the company’s name. So recently, when Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy was “threatened” by Disney’s top executive team to stop announcements of upcoming projects as things will remain uncertain until the project reaches near completion. Recently Disney had to remove Star Wars: Rouge Squadron from director Patty Jenkins off their release schedule due to creative differences between the director and Lucasfilm, despite Lucasfilm releasing a big announcement video of Patty Jenkins directing the movie for D23.

With the big announcement of the upcoming project under the Star Wars moniker, it was revealed that Damon Lindelof of Watchmen and The Leftovers fame and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy directing, it appears the studio is trying to find the right project to mark Star Wars’ return to the big screen. But seeing as nothing is set in stone, and Lucasfilm’s prior instances of scrapping entire projects from the board and disassociation from the team members, it’s no wonder that Disney officials are being cautious of any further developments that might not even come into existence due to similar circumstances.

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What’s In Store For The Future Of Star Wars?

Hayden Christensen with a young Star Wars fan
Hayden Christensen with a young Star Wars fan

We might be so bold as to say that we might think we know the answer. What we think is that the future of The Star Wars Multiverse is the host of web series that Lucasfilm has been constantly churning out. We have seen the success of The Mandalorian, which was closely followed by Andor and Boba Fett, we can safely assume that Star Wars will be much more profitable and successful in exploring the vast unexplored universe of the franchise. Since the Skywalker Saga ended with the last trilogy, it will be hard to expand upon it any further.

We might not know what the future holds, but Disney is not wrong in advising Lucasfilm to not count their intergalactic chickens before they hatch.

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