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Disney Reportedly Considering Sony Buyout To Get Spider-Man Characters

It’s no secret that Disney has been making attempts of late to bring all the Marvel characters under its umbrella. It started from acquiring rights to Marvel characters on Netflix to buying Fox Studios along with X-Men. At the moment, the studio has almost united a majority of the Marvel family consisting of the MCU, X-Men, and Defenders. The only prime character who’s *away from home* is Spider-Man. And if reports are true then Disney is not leaving any stone unturned to acquire the rights from Sony.What makes Spider-Man a golden mine is his massive universe that both Disney and Sony want to cash on. Spider-Man comes with many major Marvel characters from Venom to Morbius, Green Goblin, and more. As we can see, Disney and Marvel have great plans to take the MCU to great heights. The only thing that’s stopping them to reach their full potential is Sony. Not having rights to the Spider-Man characters prevents Disney from exploring his stories more. The contract between the MCU and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man ends with Spider-Man: No Way Home in December 2021. Considering how well his connection with the MCU was received, neither fans nor Disney is willing to let go of the hero. Both Sony and Disney are building separate franchises with Spider-Man. After all, Sony is also leveraging on the characters it owns by building a Marvel world with Venom 2 and Morbius.

A New Deal Is On the Cards

Disney and Sony have tried to reach a deal in the past but failed to be on the same page regarding the revenue. Since the latter is reluctant to give away its rights to Spider-Man that easily, sources suggest that Disney now has bigger plans. Despite their roller-coaster relationship, the House of Mouse is making an offer to buy out Sony’s film division. 

Disney acquiring Sony will be a huge deal for MCU. The franchise can enjoy full liberty in linking Spidey’s adventures to the MCU’s future. MCU and Peter Parker’s collaboration was received excellently by the critics and Box Office. The character has interacted with other MCU heroes in the past. But if this deal takes place, he can dive completely into the universe in bigger roles. 

However, the acquisition/merger won’t be as smooth as it was with Fox. Sony is a large company with a dominating hand in gaming as well. The deal, if it happens, will spark more complications since the company owns Spider-Man games as well. 

Written by Ipshita Barua