Disney To Re-Brand Fox As 20th Century Studios

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Following the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by The Walt Disney Company, the House of Mouse is dropping the Fox part of the name

There were many changes that were to follow especially in a major purchase such as this and the first, such as studio subsidiaries moving, were still major effects for former Fox employees.

The Walt Disney Company’s Acquisition Of 20th Century Fox Took Place In March of 2019. (2020)

Variety has reported the name change will take place following discussion on certain distributed projects such as Downhill and Call of The Wild referring to “Searchlight Pictures” and “20th Century Studios” without the Fox title attached.

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It has also been noted that key elements on the brand’s title such as Searchlights, Monolith, and Trumpet Score remain and is only simply missing “Fox”.

The Brand Of 20th Century Fox May Be Re-branded By Dropping The “Fox” Title. (2020)

Fox has been greatly attached to Rupert Murdoch, the previous owner of 20th Century Fox, a purchase he made in the 1980’s, and pushed the Fox brand into television and news programming. Inisders from Variety that dropping the Fox title would be in rsponse to seperation from what Murdoch influenced and grew.

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Expect more announcements and changes to be made. The Walt Disney Company purchased 20th Century Fox and many of it’s subsidiaries for $71.3 billion in March of 2019.

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