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Disney Villains That Can Be Good Friends

Disney villains are iconic in every way possible. Most of them are deemed purely wicked, but some have a secret sweet spot that is only waiting to be discovered. The concept that some of these iconic villains are only misunderstood stems from something profound.

If we look closely and get to know these villains intimately, we will learn that they are not as bad as we think. They can, in fact, be someone’s best friends. One just needs a little patience to handle their attitude. Here are some of the Disney villains who can be good friends:

Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Yzma Disney Villains

Yzma is one of the best characters in The Emperor’s New Groove. She appears to be a villain but only because she wanted to poison Kuzco. Her reason is that she believes she can rule the kingdom better. Aside from that, Kuzco treated her badly over the years.

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But, Yzma would make quite a great friend only if people understood her. She is free-spirited and funny at times which makes her an enjoyable companion, especially on trips.

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

Maleficent Disney Villains

She was not originally a villain as portrayed in the live-action version. Maleficent was once a kind fairy who lived in peace at the heart of the forest. Her transition to becoming a villain was caused by betrayal and pain, which was non-existent in the first place.


When Maleficent abducted Aurora, she took care of her like her own daughter. Deep inside, she is caring and full of kindness. She protects the forest and everything that lives in it. As a friend, Maleficent is loyal and will defend you no matter what.

Gaston (Beauty And The Beast)

Gaston Disney Villains

He may be a little too annoying and a bit self-absorbed, but Gaston could make a great pal. The guy wants Belle to be his wife thinking she’s the prettiest girl in the village. He went his way to rally the town into slaying the beast.

Gaston may be a bit rough around the edges, but he is a harmless villain. His actions only reflect his desire to prove himself worthy to the townspeople. Despite his narcissistic behavior, his confidence can be a great advantage if you are both on the same side.

King Louie (The Jungle Book)

King Louie The Jungle Book

King Louie is a character that was created for the film. He lives a very luxurious life which consists of partying, listening to jazz music, and eating lots of fruits. Not a very typical villain, right?

While he is considered a villain in the movie, he is not that wicked at all. In fact, everyone would love to hang out with him. Aside from living the life of the party, King Louie is also an extrovert, which makes it easy for him to make lots of friends.

Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

Ursula The Little Mermaid disney villains

At first look, Ursula seems like the typical Disney villain. But when one examines her character, she is clearly one of the many misunderstood antagonists.


Ursula’s personality is a strong-willed, unapologetic one. Once she becomes your friend, she can help you build your confidence and motivate you to shoot your shot, especially when it comes to finding love.

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