“Disney+ writers need to respect the big movies”: Fans Clap Back after Secret Invasion Director Scared of “Death Threats” for Rhodey Endgame Twist

Fans Clap Back after Secret Invasion Director Scared of "Death Threats" for Rhodey Endgame Twist
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The stark revelation in the Disney+ series Secret Invasion shocked many. With questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future as well as the past plaguing the fans, many have criticized the makers’ approach to the MCU. However, things have now escalated to a whole new level, involving some dangerous threats to the director.

Secret Invasion
Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion director Ali Selim recently voiced apprehensions about potential backlash, including death threats, from fans following a major twist involving Don Cheadle’s War Machine character.


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Ali Selim opened up on the scary threats received after the Secret Invasion twist

At the conclusion of Secret Invasion, it was disclosed that War Machine had been impersonated by a Skrull, introducing an unsettling layer to the character’s recent appearances. The swap apparently occurred after Rhodey’s injury in Captain America: Civil War, meaning that the true War Machine had not been present since 2016. Compounding the twist’s significance is the fact that Tony Stark’s emotional sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame did not unfold with his loyal friend by his side, but rather an imposter.

Robert Downey Jr. war machine
Iron Man and War Machine

Director Ali Selim expressed his concerns over potential fan backlash, acknowledging the possibility of receiving intense criticism and even death threats due to the narrative choice. Selim also noted his involvement in removing the character Maria Hill, adding to his worries. He said,

“I’m worried that I will get death threats because of that, and also because I’m the guy who took out Maria Hill. So I’m actually going into hiding now.”

Don Cheadle, who portrays War Machine, played a collaborative role in shaping the character’s Skrull twist. Selim praised Cheadle’s logical and detailed approach to exploring the implications of the twist, emphasizing that the duration of Rhodes’ Skrull impersonation remains open to interpretation.


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Fans clap back at Ali Selim for the disrespectful twist

Ali Selim encouraged viewers to revisit War Machine’s scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, suggesting that the altered perspective on the character could lead to new insights. However, the revelation of the Skrull twist has led to criticism from fans who believe it undermines the emotional resonance of Tony Stark’s sacrifices, particularly his bond with War Machine. The poignant moments shared between Stark and Rhodes now carry diminished impact, casting a shadow over their relationship.


Rhodey falcon and winter soldier war machine 2

Hence, Secret Invasion has faced audience disappointment. And this has also been reflected in its ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and viewer feedback. Sharing their disappointment on social media, fans wrote on Twitter,


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While the twist has sparked controversy, it has set the stage for intriguing developments, particularly for Don Cheadle’s character in Armor Wars. As Secret Invasion continues its streaming journey on Disney+, the conversation around the series’ narrative choices and their repercussions is sure to persist among fans and enthusiasts of the Marvel universe.


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