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Disney+’s Hawkeye Is The Best MCU Hawkeye Yet!

Disneys Hawkeye Is The Best MCU Hawkeye Yet

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for the first two Hawkeye episodes.

Clint Barton is one of the last original Avengers to get a solo outing, apart from Thor. The series Hawkeye has debuted on Disney+ and it begins with two episodes that begin with a Christmas countdown. While Hawkeye isn’t really a fan favorite, and his turn as Ronin did not really help either, however, Hawkeye is ready to change that. It will use his lowest points as leverage in the story. However, this is not why this is the best version of Clint we’ve seen yet. Hawkeye is on its way to changing that.

Hawkeye Sees Clint Willing To Spend Some Family Time


We all know that apart from being a superhero, Hawkeye is also a father. His MCU version is more inspired by the Ultimates comic run, with Age of Ultron introducing us to his family. The first two Hawkeye episodes begin with Barton trying to have a holiday with family, taking the kids to the Rockefeller tree. He has only one goal – to stay home and spend time with his family. However, the series is inspired by David Aja and Matt Fraction’s run and the series doesn’t waste too much time in introducing these elements.

He Sees Kate Has His Daughter

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop
Hawkeye and Kate Bishop

His initial minutes spent with Kate place him in a position of a father trying to clean up the mess created by his kid. By the time, Barton shows her how to clean her wound, it’s quite obvious that he sees her like another child, even though Kate isn’t one – she is an adult. In fact, Barton also talks to her in a similar manner as he talks to his daughter, Lila.

After all, Clint is a human with discipline, accuracy, and a lot of loyalty, however, he’s aware that he’s painfully human. We have seen him dealing with Wanda Maximoff in Civil War with the same gentleness; he’s doing the same with Kate.

Hawkeye Is About Exploring Barton’s humanity

So far, Disney is trying to portray Barton’s humanity. We have seen this in most Disney+ series until now – Wanda dealing with grief, Bucky with his recovery, Loki’s loneliness, and Sam’s struggle with the Cap’s legacy. For Clint, he’s set to explore who he is and so far, the answer he has gotten, is what he has needed all along.

He lost everything during the Blip; he knows what it feels like to lose a family and is still healing from its mental and physical trauma. However, he has committed some huge mistakes and those are coming to haunt him.

The first two episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.

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