Disturbing Video of Michael B. Jordan Slamming His $400,000 Worth Ferrari in an Accident Upsets Fans

The video of Michael B. Jordan's Ferrari crashing into a parked car has upset his fans.

Disturbing Video of Michael B. Jordan Slamming His $400,000 Worth Ferrari in an Accident Upsets Fans


  • Creed star Michael B. Jordan was involved in an accident on Sunset Boulevard earlier this month.
  • A viral video shows he may have been racing his blue Ferrari alongside another Ferrari.
  • The LAPD has started an investigation after MBJ's Ferrari rammed into a parked Kia.
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Having successfully portrayed Adonis Johnson, the son of a former boxing heavyweight champion in the Rocky series, it seems Creed star Michael B. Jordan has become super competitive even off the set as well.

Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan in a still from Creed
Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan.

Earlier this month, the 36-year-old was supposedly racing his blue Ferrari on a busy section of Sunset Boulevard. However, unlike his Creed story, the ending of this exploit has upset the Black Panther star’s fans.

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How Fans Have Reacted to Video of Michael B. Jordan’s Slamming His Ferrari

On December 2, reports surfaced that Michael B. Jordan was involved in a car crash. His Ferrari collided into a parked Kia in Hollywood.

Michael B. Jordan in Creed III
Michael B. Jordan.

As per TMZ, no signs of Jordan being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving were found. When police on the scene asked the actor, “What happened?” Jordan didn’t give any explanation. Apart from his mangled Ferrari and Kia, there were no injuries or damages on the scene, and his well-wishers and fans were happy that the Wire star avoided a serious incident.

However, a new viral video shows Jordan may have allegedly been racing alongside another Ferrari (red colored) before colliding into Kia. It can be seen his car lurched left before moving sharply to the right. But the Creed star went too far and rammed his Ferrari into the parked car, which ended up with massive dents. Meanwhile, his car’s right fender was ripped off.


Accordingly, his fans are not happy with the idea of their favorite star racing on busy Sunset Boulevard.

The crashed Ferrari isn’t unfamiliar to his fans, who first noticed the $400,000 worth car when Jordan was photographed walking away from it in 2021. At the time he was dating Lori Harvey.

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What LAPD Is Planning to Do Following Michael B. Jordan’s Car Crash

The video of his Ferrari racing another Ferrari is also at the center of an investigation. As per TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department is now investigating MBJ.

Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in Creed
Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in Creed.

It’s believed that “cops will look to prove Michael was behind the wheel” of the racing Ferrari. Once that is established, they are expected to get in touch with the 36-year-old to understand his point of view on how things reached that point.

The other Ferrari driver, Tenshi Angel spoke to ET and revealed it all went down around 9 p.m. He revealed that was listening to music and just vibing out when another Ferrari pulled up next to him. Angel insisted that they were revving engines but weren’t going fast at all.


Further, Angel didn’t even know who was the person behind the wheel in the blue Ferrari until he saw the news later and learned it was Jordan’s car.

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