“Do the best you can to avoid it feeling like a game”: Hidetaka Miyazaki’s Golden FromSoft Mantra is Most Likely What Makes Elden Ring, Dark Souls So Immersive

Fans finally know why Soulsborne games feel way more immersive than other video games.

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  • Hidetaka Miyazaki is a renowned game director and the president of FromSoftware, known for creating the Soulsborne titles.
  • One of the reasons why Elden Ring and Dark Souls were able to become successful is due to the immersion they provide.
  • The lead translator for the studio has provided insight into why all the Soulsborne games feel more immersive than common video game titles.
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The cause behind the success of Elden Ring and other Soulsborne titles isn’t mysterious. With the presence of an engaging storyline and well-thought-out mechanics, Hidetaka Miyazaki, renowned director and president of FromSoftware has managed to put out some of the best dark fantasy titles the gaming industry has ever seen.

Hidetaka Miyazaki | Via Game Informer on YouTube
Hidetaka Miyazaki | Via Game Informer on YouTube

Moreover, the Soulsborne games manage to achieve a level of immersiveness never witnessed before in video games. There are many factors as to how this is made possible in the first place, but the question has already been answered by someone the players can trust.

Lead Translator For FromSoftware Reveals How Hidetaka Miyazaki Makes His Games Immersive

A still from the Official Gameplay trailer of Elden Ring DLC
A still from the Official Gameplay trailer of Elden Ring DLC

FromSoftware, while based in Japan, serves a global audience, hence reaching a bigger chunk of the player base. To achieve the same, they have been in ties with another company known as the Frognation, designated for translating all the games that come out of of the studio.


Talking about how Hidetaka Miyazaki is able to introduce immersion into his titles, Ryan Morris, the lead translator for the games, revealed via Edge Magazine’s 398th edition-

One of the big ideas that has driven the design of these games is a seamless experience, and do the best you can to avoid it feeling like a game. – With FromSoftware games, there’s this idea of not telling the whole story in linear fashion, or telling you every factual detail about the world. I feel like the lore probably only exists in Miyazaki’s imagination – I don’t think it’s written down in a canon for reference,

Morris ultimately stated how FromSoftware focuses on showcasing its storyline in a non-linear fashion. This allows the player to find details that matter not only by defeating enemies but by diving deeper and coming across them in places none would expect, like item descriptions.


What Is Hidetaka Miyazaki Planning To Introduce After Elden Ring‘s DLC

A still of gameplay from Armored Core VI
A still of gameplay from Armored Core VI

The studio’s latest project, Elden Ring‘s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, remains the biggest expansion FromSoftware has ever worked on. Unfortunately, it has also been confirmed that the DLC is the only additional content will be getting, leaving the door open only for a potential sequel to the game.

On the brighter side, the director has shown a willingness to finally step back into the director role and make another Armoured Core game, the first franchise he ever worked on. Miyazaki claimed while the latest titles without him have seen success, there is always room for finesse and perfection, something which he might be able to bring once he decides to make a new release himself.

Elden Ring is available to purchase on Steam.

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