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“Do the producers know my age?”: Liam Neeson Was Too Concerned to Work With Jackie Chan, Turned Down the Action Movie Offer Because of His Age

"Do the producers know my age?": Liam Neeson Was Too Concerned to Work With Jackie Chan, Turned Down the Action Movie Offer Because of His Age

Liam Neeson is a celebrated actor known for his commanding presence, versatile performances, and captivating on-screen charisma. With a career spanning several decades, Neeson has captivated audiences with his talent. Neeson has left an indelible mark on the film industry. From his breakout role in Schindler’s List to his iconic portrayal of Bryan Mills in the Taken series, Neeson continues to enthrall audiences with his remarkable acting prowess and commanding screen presence.

The Ordinary Love star’s prominent work, especially in the Taken series, has made the superstar synonymous with the action genre over the years. And this is indeed the reason why the Wrath of the Titan star is still being offered leading roles in action films, despite his age. Talking about his offers, Neeson shared that to date he has only turned down one film, starring Jackie Chan, because of his age constraints.  

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Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson On Still Being Offered Leading Roles In The Action Movies Despite His Age

Neeson’s journey as an action star gained tremendous momentum following his role in the highly successful film Taken. The movie solidified his status as an exceptional performer in the genre. Despite his age, Neeson remains dedicated to his craft and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Neeson expressed his astonishment at still receiving scripts for lead roles in action films, given his age. He candidly shared that he ensures producers are aware of his age before accepting any action-oriented projects. While Neeson doesn’t perform his stunts, he takes pride in undertaking the fight scenes, staying reasonably fit to deliver convincing action sequences on-screen.

“If I’m sent an action script. I’ll say to my agent, ‘There are seven fight scenes. I kill a bunch of guys that need to be killed. Do the producers know my age?’ The stunts I leave to the stuntman. The fighting I do myself, and I keep reasonably fit for that. You know, this movie Taken that we made 14 years ago, this tiny little European thriller, which I thought was going to go straight to video — I think it came out number 3 over the weekend when it was released. It became very, very successful. Hence, Taken 2 and Taken 3. And because of that, they’re still sending me action scripts, you know?”

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Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

Liam Neeson On Turning Down The Movie Co-starring Jackie Chan

Neeson’s dedication to his craft and awareness of his physical limitations led him to decline a specific movie offer, with the opportunity to work alongside Jackie Chan. Liam Neeson recalled reading the script and realizing that the physically demanding nature of the role would be challenging, even for someone of younger age. The Commuter star’s decision to decline the offer reflects his commitment to maintaining authenticity and his recognition of his physical challenges.

“They wanted me to do one with Jackie Chan, which when I read it, I thought, Well this would be tough for a 22-year-old to do, let alone a 69-year-old who’s going to be 70 this year. That’s the only one I turned down.”

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Liam Neeson in Taken
Liam Neeson in Taken

In an industry that often places a premium on youth, Neeson’s ability to thrive in action films while challenging conventional age norms is a testament to his talent and lasting impact on the world of cinema. Neeson continues to captivate audiences and inspire many of all ages, proving that age is just a number when it comes to delivering compelling performances.

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