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“Do we really trust them at this point?”: Black Adam Gets Disappointing 55% Rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Fans Claim Site Has Become Obsolete After Thor 4 Scored 64% Despite Being Terrible

black adam and thor love and thunder rotten tomatoes score

The DC Extended Universe has been struggling after Justice League. Although some films and shows received positive reviews and did good at the box office, not all of them were liked by fans. But with the release of Black Adam, there is hope that the cinematic universe will finally get back on track. The lead actor Dwayne Johnson has been claiming that Black Adam would lead DCEU toward a new era. 

Black Adam Dwayne The Rock Johnson 3
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

However, the movie currently has a 55% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Although the film is not released yet, and the ratings would keep fluctuating, fans are not happy with it. Even after receiving positive reviews, the movie’s ratings are not as they were expected to be. 

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Black Adam Receives Low Ratings Despite Positive Reviews 

Dwayne Johnson has been claiming that Black Adam would change DCEU forever. The movie so far has received positive reviews. And with Henry Cavill officially making his comeback as Superman with Black Adam, fans are super excited about the film.

The Rock FandomWire
The Rock as Black Adam

But Black Adam has not received a good response on the review website Rotten Tomatoes. The current rating on the website is 55%, which was earlier just 47%. Black Adam has been receiving mostly positive reviews so far, and fans are unable to understand why the review website has such a low rating for the film. 

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The movie is just a few days from its official release, and there have been multiple screenings. People who got an opportunity to watch the film before its release shared their views. They praised it for the plot and The Rock’s performance. But some people criticized the CGI and other aspects of the movie. 

Black Adam's cinematography promises a callback to the SnyderVerse era 1
Black Adam

Even after that, the movie mostly received positive reviews. With all the reviews and reactions the film has been getting, everyone expected that it would have a high rating on review websites. But Black Adam’s score did not even manage to take down the Man of Steel on Rotten Tomatoes. 

However, the movie is not released. And ratings on review websites keep changing for a few days after the release of a film. So, fans can expect to see the rating for Black Adam to rise with the release of the film.

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Fans Call Rotten Tomatoes Invalid After Black Adam Receives Low Ratings

After Black Adam received low ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, fans started calling out the review website. They claimed that once the movie is released, everything will be clear, and everyone will know if it’s good or not.

Many fans even called the website invalid and said that its score or rating does not have anything to do with the movie being good or not. They gave the example of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor 4 was released in July 2022, and fans did not quite like the film. But it still has a 64% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Fans said that the film has such a high rating despite being a terrible movie.

Black Adam poster
Black Adam poster

Black Adam does not have much time left for its release. Everyone has high expectations from the film, and with Dwayne Johnson claiming to revive the DCEU, fans do not want to be disappointed.

Henry Cavill will also have a cameo in the upcoming DC film, where he faces the anti-hero. After this movie, Cavill will also be returning as Superman in Man of Steel 2.

Black Adam will release on October 21, 2022.

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