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‘Do You See the Potential?’: After Her Phenomenal Performance as Prey’s Naru, Internet Fan Casts Amber Midthunder as MCU’s X-23

Since its first installment, the Predator franchise has been through a rough period, with none of its later installments coming close to living up to the original’s legacy. Released this year, fans were treated to Prey which has been considered the best installment since the franchise’s beginning.

The Predator in Prey used primitive technology compared to the ones in the past films.

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The franchise saw Yautja clash with humans in many locations, including Los Angeles, the Central American rainforest, and on a different planet. Many of these places required the protagonist to display high physicality, this was seen in the Prey too, taking place in the Comanche nation.

Naru faces off against the Predator

The film showed the extra-terrestrial face-off against a Comanche woman, with the discrepancy in technology playing an important role. Unlike the bulky characters from the previous movies, Naru played by Amber Midthunder was nimble and fast while facing off against the Predator.

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Prey features the conflict between humans and Predators going 300 years back in time.

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Similar to Dutch from the first movie, Naru sets up a complicated trap and used her physicality to trip the Predator into it, showcasing some great action sequences. She also fashioned a throwing ax which she later used.

Amber Midthunder to become the next X-23?

In the movie Logan, we saw Hugh Jackman get a deserving send-off, while also introducing the new wolverine starring Dafne Keen as the young mutant. Since mutants have been confirmed to exist in the MCU thanks to Ms. Marvel, the inclusion of the new wolverine is more feasible now than ever.

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Logan saw Hugh Jackman pass on the baton of wolverine to the young mutant, Dafne Keen.

Amber Midthunder’s character bears many similarities to Marvel’s X-23. Naru used blades to fight off, while X-23 literally extends blades from her limbs. Both the characters are equally concentrated with anger and an intense will to survive.

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Considering the fact that the actor can represent quick physicality and can lead the movie without spouting dialogues every minute, she’s perfect for the role. Fans have also drawn the similarities and are adamant about seeing Amber Midthunder cast as the next wolverine.

Prey is now streaming on Hulu.

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