Doctor Strange 2: All Cameos Rumored for Multiverse of Madness

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Doctor Strange 2 is letting the Multiverse lose and a slew of characters are headed our way. Apart from the old ones, the trailers have already hinted at and shown a bunch of new characters coming into the film. But right now, we’re going to look at a scoop that confirms almost all those characters that were hinted at. And it also tells us about a few new cameos rumored for Multiverse of Madness.


Before we move forward, here’s an obligatory Spoiler Warning in case things turn out right!

You guys must have come across the rising Hollywood scooper MyTimeToShineHello on Twitter. If not, then let me tell you that this scooper has a lot of credibility. Almost all of his scoops since No Way Home have turned out to be spot on. So, we’ve got to believe that at least half of his list of cameos will turn out to be true. Here’s what he tweeted:


Most of these cameos were already hinted at with the multiversal Illuminati tease in the trailer. But there are a couple of surprising names over here. So, let’s talk about the possibilities of all these appearances coming true one by one.

Cameos Rumored for Multiverse of Madness

1. Professor X


This cameo has already been confirmed as it was certainly Patrick Stewart’s voice in the trailer. Later, the veteran actor also spoke about his part in the film himself. He’d play a key role in stopping Wanda’s assault against the Illuminati.

2. Captain Carter

Ever since What If…? hit Disney+, people have been wanting Hayley Atwell to play Captain Carter in Doctor Strange 2. And with that clue in the film’s poster, it’s more or less confirmed that she’d appear in Multiverse of Madness.


3. Captain Marvel (Maria Rambeau)

The trailer has already revealed that we are going to get a Captain Marvel vs. Scarlet Witch battle in the film. Initially, people thought that it was Superior Iron Man. But close-up screenshots from other pieces of footage confirmed that it was indeed Lashana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau. She turns into Captain Marvel in an alternate universe and apparently joins the Illuminati.

4. Mr. Fantastic

Cameos Rumored for Multiverse of Madness

Since it’s the Illuminati and the MCU is set to bring in its own team of Fantastic Four, at least one Mr. Fantastic Variant had to appear in this squad. John Krasinski has always been fancast for the part. So I just hope that he won’t just stop at playing this multiversal variant of Reed Richards. I’d love it if he also plays the MCU Earth-199999 version of the character as well.


5. Black Bolt

While most people thought that Marvel would want to stay miles away from ABC’s Inhumans series, Anson Mount has still been rumored to play Black Bolt by multiple sources now. Even though I personally liked his casting in the past too. So, I hope that his Black Bolt would be a variant of the past version and not the same one because that series was atrocious.

6. Clea


Clea’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2 has been rumored since 2019! The movie did change a lot since then, but it’s nice to know that she is still rumored to appear. Although, Charlize Theron playing the gig would be crazy! Hats off to Marvel if they would have pulled it off. A while back MyTimeToShineHello did say that Theron was in talks with Marvel. So maybe it was for Clea, and she’d become a mainstay in Doctor Strange 3.

7. Magneto

Since Patrick Stewart is also returning as Professor X, it would make sense for Ian McKellen’s Magneto to appear too. Although I won’t mind if Michael Fassbender gets to return or perhaps a new Magneto gets set up for MCU’s future. But I’m not really sure about this cameo.


8. Balder the Brave

Balder cannot appear on MCU’s main Earth-199999 since his spot was taken up by Hela. So this is another cameo I’m not sure of. But maybe he took the place of Thor in this alternate universe where the Illuminati are set. That’s how I might play it. Although, it’d be interesting to see who plays Balder in Doctor Strange 2.

But this that’s not it. MyTimeToShineHello also revealed a couple of other cameos that have been rumored since forever. He tweeted:

Cameos Rumored for Multiverse of Madness

Ryan Reynolds specifically said that he isn’t going to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But several actors have pulled this stunt already and Andrew Garfield took it to a whole new level. So, we can’t take Reynolds’ word at face value. This film will offer the perfect opportunity to set up an MCU-based Deadpool 3. So, I’d say that the Deadpool cameo is happening for sure along with the aforementioned mutants.

Besides Deadpool, there’s no doubt in my mind that Tom Cruise’s Superior Iron Man will also appear in the movie. We saw Ultron Sentries, which were the biggest hint for an Iron Man variant who successfully launched the Ultron safe-keeping program. So, after so much talk of Cruise in Doctor Strange 2, he has to be the sixth member of the team. And the seventh will obviously be Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Master Mordo variant that we’ve seen in the trailers.


Okay, that’s all from this list of cameos rumored for Multiverse of Madness. Which of these do you think will come true, and which of them might be bogus? Also, what are your thoughts on Blade, Tobey’s Spider-Man, a new Wolverine, and a Ghost Rider? Could any of them appear in the star-studded Doctor Strange 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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