Doctor Strange 2: All Hidden MCU References In The Movie

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*Spoiler Alert* Among the most appealing aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is its profound interconnection to multiple other storylines. Doctor Strange In the Multiverse Of Madness is a hub for the next phase of the superhero franchise, with story arcs spanning many Marvel movies and TV shows. Thus, here’s everything you need to learn about the hidden MCU references in Doctor Strange:


1. The Multiverse Incursion:

Hidden MCU references in Doctor Strange.
The collision of two alternate worlds.

Starting with a fairly obvious one, the multiverse was brought to life in Spider-Man: No Way Home, highlighting the cataclysmic hazards that arise when two or more worlds merge together. That’s what followed when Spider-Man tried to hide his true identity as Peter Parker from the public eye. He mistakenly damaged Strange’s spell, enabling many alt-universe wall-crawlers to spill out into the main MCU. The Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2 is also shown to be afraid of this multiverse incursion.

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2. The Green Giant, Rintrah:

Hidden MCU references in Doctor Strange.
Rintrah, the magical minotaur.

A simple one again, spectators witness an enormous green minotaur a couple of times amid the Kamar-Taj students. That’s  Rintrah, an extradimensional alien from the planet R’vaal, and in the comics, he is among Strange’s pupils. Strange doesn’t want Rintrah to undertake world-saving adventures himself at the beginning since his supernatural abilities aren’t up to par. The enormous apprentice frequently makes trouble by attempting to serve Strange. However, later he does assist the doctor in defeating enemies such as Nightmare and Nox.

3. The debut of America Chavez:

Hidden MCU references in Doctor Strange.
Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez.

America Chavez is a Marvel Comics character created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta that has been around for almost a decade. Most of what you’re seeing in this film is based on the comics, but she’s less seasoned in the movies than we expected from her. In the comics, the character has been a member of various groups, including the Ultimates and A-Force. However, this film version of America is destined to play a key role in the Young Avengers team that the MCU appears to be creating.

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4. Interdimensional creature Shuma Gorath:

Hidden MCU references in Doctor Strange.
Longstanding rival of Doctor Strange.

If a few members of the audience shrieked in recognition when Strange revealed the gigantic, one-eyed, multi-tentacled beast seeking America in Manhattan, it’s because they’re familiar with Shuma Gorath. This is an old interdimensional conqueror who’s been fighting Strange on and off in the comics since his debut.

5. The Living Tribunal:

Hidden MCU references in Doctor Strange.
A vastly powerful conceptual being, The Living Tribunal.

Strange and America fall across multiple universes in one sequence of the film, each with its own aesthetically distinct flair. One of the scenarios depicts the Living Tribunal’s colossal hovering multi-head, replete with luminous eyes and a covering over the other heads. He was created by the One Above All to keep the order of things in balance, and he is the incarnation of the multiverse itself. Strange, Adam Warlock, the Beyonder, the Phoenix, and the Guardians of the Galaxy have all crossed his path.

6. The transition into the Scarlet Witch:

Doctor Strange 2 - Scarlet Witch and the Darkhold
Scarlet Witch and the Darkhold.

“It won’t be Wanda who comes for her, it’ll be the Scarlet Witch”. That’s a terrifying phrase. The notion of the Scarlet Witch being a prophecy linked to the Darkhold rather than a superhero identity is also very fascinating. In  WandaVision, we pondered the possibility of how Wanda never had a legitimate superhero codename. Furthermore,  Wanda’s black-tipped fingers are also suggestive of the Darkhold’s contamination, as we witnessed with Agatha Harkness in the last episodes of WandaVision.


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7. The appearances in the Illuminati:

Hidden MCU references in Doctor Strange 2.
The MCU Illuminati.

The council of the Illuminati had a few twists up their sleeves. Apart from Professor X and Captain Carter, Black Bolt, the leader of the Inhumans, appears with Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. It’s fantastic to see Black Bolt in his comic-accurate attire, as opposed to the flimsy jacket he wore in his dreadful miniseries. Mister Fantastic also sports a beard, as well as a fantastically upgraded version of the team’s traditional blue onesies. Reed mentions his children in an encounter with Scarlet Witch, prompting her to claim his wife can raise them alone. That’s a clear allusion to the Invisible Woman and their children, Franklin and Valeria Richards.

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8. The X-Men 97′ Theme:

Hidden MCU references in Doctor Strange.
Charles Xavier as cameo in Doctor Strange 2.

When Professor Charles Xavier meets the other members of the council, the theme music from the original 1992 animated X-Men series is audible faintly in the distance. This is definitely a hilarious tribute to the notion that the X-Men leader’s yellow hoverchair makes him look identical to how he does in the series. However, a quick check at the credits reveals that the music is titled the ‘X-Men ’97’ theme, indicating that it will appear in the forthcoming Disney+ revival series.

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9. Chthon and Mount Wundagore:

Hidden MCU references in Doctor Strange.
The most magical location in Marvel.

Wong reveals that the Darkhold was carved into the walls of a temple at Mount Wundagore by a monster called Chthon. When they reach there, they are welcomed by a horde of monsters who soon submit to the Scarlet Witch. Chthon has appeared in comic books since 1975. Mount Wundagore, which originally appeared in the Marvel Universe in 1966, has also always been a magical location. It’s the actual birthplace of Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver in the comics, so it’s easily understandable why it was featured in the film.


10. Clea, Strange’s future wife:

Hidden MCU references in Doctor Strange.
A sorceress and the disciple, lover, and eventual wife of Doctor Strange.

Strange is strolling in the mid-credits sequence when he is surprised by a lady clothed in an otherworldly purple attire. This is Clea, portrayed by Charlize Theron. Fans of comic books will recognize her as Strange’s future bride. Before slashing up a doorway to what seems to be the Dark Dimension, Clea informs the sorcerer that he’s accidentally triggered an Incursion and that he’ll help her restore it. This might be significant because Clea is Dormammu’s niece. It’s also worth noting that, in the comics, Clea recently succeeded Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme when the iconic hero was killed in The Death of Doctor Strange #1.

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