Doctor Strange 2: Bruce Campbell Cameo, Explained

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Bruce Campbell is a well-known horror film actor who made one of several heavily hyped appearances in the MCU film. For those who are unfamiliar with Bruce Campbell, his previous work, and his personal, creative connection with filmmaker Sam Raimi, his participation in the film and its significance may be confusing. Let’s look at what it means:


Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi’s relationship:

Old friends, Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi.
Old friends, Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi.

Campbell and Raimi have been friends for many years. Having met in high school, they partnered on several films together. The Evil Dead series, in which Campbell portrays protagonist Ash Williams and Raimi directs the thriller film trilogy, is their most well-known partnership. Campbell had cameos in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, as well as appeared in a number of other Raimi-directed films, including the 1980s film Crimewave and the 1990s film Darkman. This implies that Bruce Campbell’s appearance in Raimi’s newest MCU film, Doctor Strange 2, shouldn’t come as news, as it’s the result of a larger custom for the two.

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Bruce Campbell’s role in Doctor Strange 2:

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Campbell appears in the Marvel film in two scenes, one of which is a post-credit appearance. Campbell’s character is revealed after Strange and America Chavez crash-land on Earth-838 due to her multiverse-traveling abilities. Chavez claims that most worlds don’t charge you a fee for food after taking a platter of dubious pizza balls. But then there’s Campbell, who portrays an angry street vendor. He demands payment from Chavez before blaming Strange for stealing his costume from the Doctor Strange Museum. Strange, understandably offended by this remark, casts a spell on Campbell, causing him to continuously strike himself in the face for three weeks. When we finally meet up with Campbell in the epic film’s last post-credit sequence, he’s relieved to learn that his face-punching spell has ended.

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The Bruce Campbell cameo explained:

Bruce Campbell and his possessed hand in Evil Dead 2.
Bruce Campbell’s possessed hand in Evil Dead 2.

During Bruce Campbell’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2, there are a few Easter Eggs. If you’ve seen Evil Dead 2, you’ll remember that Ash Williams’ cursed hand is a crucial storyline aspect. Strange’s spell effectively takes control of Campbell’s character’s hand, implying a tribute to his and Raimi’s previous work. The punch-line ultimately pays off once the curse burns out, following the humor that was established early in the film. “It’s over!” Campbell exclaims to the camera. This is a great moment for viewers since, as the last post-credit sequence, we know the film is officially over.


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