Doctor Strange 2: Illuminati Are The Real Villains, Intend To Erase MCU For Shattering The Multiverse

The Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer has been a wild ride. The trailer made several epic reveals. An alternate reality Captain Marvel, glimpses of Iron Man, Doctor Strange alternate reality variants and the Dream dimension. Those made the fans hyped up for the upcoming movie. But the greatest reveal ever was the arrival of a major Non-MCU Marvel actor from Fox’s X-Men-Verse. Patrick Stewart makes his triumphant return in the MCU. He is part of a shadowy group that has captured the Sorcerer Supreme and put him in trial. This group is heavily teased to be a major played from the comic books. This Doctor Strange 2 theory claims the Illuminati are coming. And if this Doctor Strange 2 theory is true, it’s the worst thing that could happen to the MCU.

Who Are The Illuminati?

A Secret Superhero Society

In the comic books, the Illuminati is a secret society of superheroes formed out of the greatest minds in the superhero community. Many influential heroes from Namor to Black Panther and Black Bolt have been a part of this group. Iron Man, Captain America, and even Doctor Strange have been a part of this group. Formed after the events of Secret Invasion, this group meets in secret and regularly exchanges vital information. Their objective is to predict and manipulate future events to protect the safety and the sanctity of the world and later on, the whole universe.

The MCU Illuminati

Patrick Stewart

From what it looks like, the MCU Illuminati has a task even grander and greater than its comic book counterpart. The MCU Illuminati, according to this Doctor Strange 2 theory, do not protect just a single universe but watch over the whole multiverse. They may have a role even more pivotal than TVA, whose original job was to protect the single Sacred Timeline. The Illuminati, in the MCU, may have taken over the role after Sylvie killed He Who Remains.

5 Other Mysterious Members

Only five other seats are available at the table if Patrick Stewart’s character is excluded. He is most likely playing Professor X of a different universe. The other five members could be anyone. Our guesses are an alternate reality Captain Marvel, played by WandaVision’s Lashana Lynch, is also at the table. Tom Cruise will reportedly be a part of Multiverse of Madness. He could be playing an alternate reality Iron Man and be one of the Illuminati too. Since the Illuminati is seen escorting a captured Doctor Strange with Ultron bots, expect an alternate reality Hulk or Hank Pym (Ultron’s creator in the comics) to be an Illuminati member.

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Doctor Strange 2 Theory – Why Does The Illuminati Intend To Wipe Out MCU

Strange, Captured By The Illuminati

The reason for it is quite simple. The Marvel cinematic Universe has been the epicentre of various reality shattering events lately. The Sacred Timeline was shattered after the actions of Loki of the Prime MCU universe inadvertently helped Sylvie kill He Who Remains. The MCU led to to the creation of different alternate realities during the Time Heist event. Doctor Strange broke open the doors of the Multiverse when he cast that memory altering spell in Spider-Man: No Way Home. And he did it not once but twice.

Why Do They Want To Do This?

The Illuminati have all the reason they need to remove the MCU, the universe that is causing too much of a ruckus already. They are doing it in order to protect all the different universes from imploding upon themselves. The MCU is a threat because it is harboring Nexus beings like Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff. One wrong move from their end and the whole multiverse pays the price. The Illuminati, according to this Doctor Strange 2 theory, intend to do a pre-emptive strike. Wiping out the MCU is the smart choice because this universe is the rotten apple in the multiverse.

Illuminati vs. Doctor Strange

The Illuminati, in the movie, will try to dispatch the MCU as soon as possible. Doctor Strange will try to prevent that from happening.

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