Doctor Strange 2 Producer Richie Palmer Says Making Magneto Wanda’s Dad Would Have ‘Detracted From the Experience’

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With Doctor Strange 2 came the first steps of introducing 20th-Century Fox Marvel Heroes into the MCU. The credits for this go to Reed Richards and Professor X being part of the Illuminati. Now the fans start to wonder when the others will make their way into the MCU, starting from Magneto to Deadpool. Doctor Strange 2 producer reveals why Magento did not show up.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness

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Who missed the cut into the MCU?

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3.
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Some characters did wind up with the MCU, but there were a few who missed the cut.


Fans were curious to see whether Doctor Strange 2 would include Magneto because Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier had confirmed to come back into the action. There is more information on that topic.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool had also almost gotten his own entire world according to behind-the-scenes footage. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for a long time for him to make an arrival at MCU.

Evangeline Lily’s wasp was also a part of the initial talks surrounding the Illuminati. Daniel Crag was also going to play Thor’s long-lost brother Balder the Brave.


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Magento was considered for Doctor Strange role:

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

Richie Palmer addressed the talk about considering Magento for a Doctor Strange role.


When Richie Palmer was asked about it, he said:

“I don’t know if that was ever seriously talked about, again, that [Michael] Waldron’s got a head full of crazy ideas, so, I’m not going to say those things never came up in conversation, but I think once you start getting into Magneto and explaining Mutants, you know, I think that the Illuminati appearances in this movie are pretty self-explanatory. I think you get them and you know… I think it’s all right there for you. To go any further with it, and to try to explain that stuff, might’ve detracted from the experience. However, who’s to say in this universe, that’s a different Wanda than our Wanda with a different backstory, there is a Professor Xavier there, there are Mutants, and there are Inhumans. So, you got to believe she definitely has her own version of that story going on.”

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